Is SurveySay Right for You?

Various establishments would love to know what their clients are saying about them, their products and services. For this particular reason, they may invite someone to carry out a survey on their behalf to gather this information and this is where SurveySay comes in. It locates such establishments and conducts these surveys at a fee. There is but… Read More »

So You Want to Earn Swagbucks Fast

The internet is no doubt one of the most essential necessities in most offices and homes as well in the world we are living in today just to say the least. Its popularity has risen from the fact that there is a lot of information in there and you can just find about everything about anything on the… Read More »

Can Dubli Really Save You Money?

I ran across Dubli when I was doing some research on drop shipping.  Some people use merchants that are part of the Dubli network to save money on their program.  Since the people are making many purchases each month they are able to save large amounts of money from the program.    It is a cashback program that… Read More »

Final Cut Pro-Is it Right for You?

Final Cut Pro Review Video editing requires application of various tools to ensure that the end product is of the best quality possible. When you think about video editing then Apple has your best interests at heart with the Final Cut Pro X, which is an indication of their continued pursuit to remain a market leader in the… Read More »

Is Digital Altitude Base Worth Anything?

I gave a brief overview of the entire program with Digital Altitude, but I decided to give a bit more information on the first product purchase you can make after Aspire.  So what exactly is Digital Altitude Base?  It is an online education program that is a part of the larger product of Digital Altitude.  This portion of… Read More »

Is Four Corners Alliance Group Scam or Not?

Name: Four Corners Alliance Group Website: Price: $18 Owner(s): Cornerstone Alliance Group- David Harrison (CEO) Overall Rank: 7/10 4 Corners Alliance Group Review     This program is a 4×6 matrix system.  So what is a matrix system?  Well you pay to get in the matrix first level.  Your sponsor is somewhere above you depending on, if their first four… Read More »

Wake up to the Reality of Wakeupnow Complaints

I should start by saying this is a multi-level marketing company (MLM) that works on the concept Bring 3 and Help 3 Get 3. It has described itself as a “subscription based direct sales financial wellness company aimed at helping individuals save, manage and earn money” that offers a number of products including language training, vacation deals, energy… Read More »

Some Quibids Complaints to Remember

I have recently had a few of my readers ask me about Quibids and if there were many Quidbids complaints.  So I thought I would write a little something about it.  First I have to start by telling you a little bit about  what it is.  Quibids is an online platform where individuals compete to purchase various goods… Read More »

The Good and Bad About Sitey Review

What is Sitey and should you use it? First off, it is a website builder that is very simple to use and you can build a website through this program all by yourself that can be quite effective for that matter. It has incorporated sleek professionalism with a straightforward editor and great design and this particular website builder has… Read More »