ProductDyno Review and Bonus- The Truth

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Ease of Use









  • Three Price Points $67, $97, $197
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Integrates with Most Autoresponders
  • Easy To Learn to use
  • Integrates with Affiliate Platforms


  • Lots of Features can be Overwhelming

Product Dyno Review and Bonus the truthName: ProductDyno


Price: $67, $97, and lifetime $197 Through August 16, 2017

Owner(s):Simon Hodkinson and Jeremy Gislason


What is ProductDyno and Review

Do you currently sell, or want to sell digital products?  I mean really any type of digital products from online courses, e-books, training, videos, plug-ins, software solutions to anything else digital.  If you are selling digital products you will know that selling, managing, and even securely delivering the product can be a very complex process.  Oh, and if you haven’t tried yet, and you should, it can be difficult.  That being said this is my ProductDyno Review with bonus, to make the entire process of managing a digital product so much easier.

Well if you haven’t guessed by now, ProductDyno is a product management system designed to make the overall process of managing a digital product so much simpler!  It allows you to sell any kind of digital product with ease.  From selling to delivery with some simple steps.

You can use it to sell free or premium content.  You can integrate a signup form if you wish but you don’t need to.  The use of this would vary from product to product.  Great idea though as it becomes very versatile.

Simon hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason founders of Product Dyno

Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason

Simon Hodkinson and Jeremy Gislason  did not stop with the versatility there though. You can also utilize any of the main autoresponders, including GetResponse, Aweber, and more!  Picking how you get paid is just as important, well guess what you have multiple options you can use here in this part as well.  Finally it works very well with just about any affiliate program. I have listed below many of the programs that integrate well with it.

Clickbank                                    Gumroad                              JVZoo

SamCart                                      ThriveCart                            Warrior Plus


Paddle                                         PayKickStart                         Stripe

Warrior Payments                    PayPal

Active Campaign                       Amazon SES                         Aweber

Constant Contact                     ConvertKit                            GetResponse

iContact                                      MailChimp                            MailJet

SendGrid                                    SendLane                              Sparkpost

Not only can you deliver content and have others pay for it.  You can also set it up for drip content.  Group things in Collections for others to easily access what they want.  Set up special links for affiliates or campaigns that have an expiration date with them.

Here is a quick Demo video on Product Dyno:

You have the option of using their domain or your own custom domain. Tracking your members is so easy to do you can even move (export) members to another program.  All of this and more makes it well worth the price.

The Good and the Bad


There are so many things with this program that they did right it is hard to go over all of them, so I will list a few here.  Let me start by stating most of them are about three words “Integration, Integration, Integration”:

  • I love the multiple payment options. This allows you not only to select more than one type of payment but can also increase your overall sales because your customers have more ways to pay.
  • Next being able to integrate many different autoresponders just make things so much easier. You don’t need to go out there and buy another one just to run the program.
  • Being able to utilize a number of different affiliate platforms is very helpful. This means you can have others be your affiliates.  They make a sale and you give them a commission.
  • Easy to use.
  • Features are absolutely amazing.ProductDyno Review


Really at first you might be a bit overwhelmed with all that you can do with it.  But really that is short lived when you see how easy it is to use.  I am not saying you will be an expert the first day, just you will pick it up quickly and you don’t need to be a tech genius to do it.customer service

Customer Support

For those of you who have read my reviews before you know that I always send messages to the program.  Weather I have an issue or not.  They were very responsive to my request.  In fact, they responded within a few hours.  Which is truly amazing to me. I am happy with a response within 1 business day.

They have great support and for their VIP clients they have 24/7 support.


Who is ProductDyno For?

This is for anyone who wants to sell a digital product.  It really is the best solution for managing those products and making sure they get delivered in a secured way.

how much does it cost

ProductDyno Price

There are three price points $67 for the basic level, $97 for the advanced level and $197 for the Pro Unlimited level. Don’t let the $197 price tag scare you away.  It really is a bargain at that price and it is only good until August 16, 2017 for the early adopters lifetime.  Not to mention they do have a 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee.  While I love try before you buy products, not all products give you that option.  That being said this is the next best thing.  It is also backed by JVZoo, one of the top affiliate platforms out there.

My Final Opinion of ProductDyno

This is one of the best products out there you are going to find to manage your digital content that is for sale. With all the features and easy to use.  You shouldn’t pass it up.  Don’t worry I didn’t forget about the bonus.  I have put together a nice little package just for you if you purchase through my link.  bonusOnce you have purchased through my link you will have a thank you page to go to through your product to download your bonuses.  If you have any issues at all with the link please don’t hesitate to email me at Not a Scam

Legit 9/10

If this ProductDyno isn’t right for you and you are serious about putting in some time and making money online you should really check out my top recommendation.  You can see all of the things that I recommend here as well.

As always if you have any comments, questions or your own personal experience with the product please feel free to leave a comment below.


When you buy something from this website, I may receive an affiliate commission. These are my opinions and are not representative of the companies that create these products. My reviews are based on my personal own experience and research. I never recommend poor quality products, or create false reviews to make sales. It is my intention to explain products so you can make an informed decision on which ones suit your needs best.

8 thoughts on “ProductDyno Review and Bonus- The Truth

  1. W Tucker

    So nice to learn of this product. I am working on a digital product and have been a little overwhelmed by the choices of how to launch and manage it.
    It looks like I should try ProductDyno.
    I guess I didn’t realize how much I needed something to manage all this. I already have Aweber and am glad to see this integrates with lots of programs.
    thanks so much for the thorough review.

  2. Marc Post author

    W Tucker,

    Glad to help you!  The integrations that it has are awesome!  I think many people don’t understand how many little things you need to do to properly manage a digital product.  This just makes it so much easier.

    Let me know what you think once you get it.


  3. Dave

    I was looking for a great way to make money online and had someone recommend this system to me.

    It sure seems great to use but I think, just as you put it, it is a bit overwhelming for a novice like me.

    I think I am going to work with your affiliate recommendation, it sounds much easier and interesting. Can I make $30,000 per month with it?

  4. Marc Post author


    Thanks for taking the time to write a comment and a question.  I suppose you can make that kind of money, however it will take a long time to reach those numbers. My top recommendation is not a get rich quick scheme.  It takes time and effort to make it to even $10,000 a month.  But the thing you have to remember is that it is all cumulative.  Everything you do each day will build to a better future.  I hope that helped you.  Please let me know if you have any further questions or how I can help.


  5. Warren

    Hi, Marc. I have read it seems like a zillion reviews of online money making programs. Yours is the first one that actually gets a really good review. The others are lukewarm at best. This looks like a really good tool. Have you used it and how did it go? Also, are the payments for the different levels one time or are there any recurring monthly charges? Thanks for the info.

  6. WMP

    Great review on ProductDyno, this seems like a must have for anyone who plans on selling digital products online. I think it’s great that they offer a lifetime membership at $197 that’s very affordable. Like the fact that ProductDyno integrates with Affiliate platforms. I’ve been thinking about selling a digital product online for quite some time now. If I decide to do it I will probably end up using ProductDyno.

  7. Marc Post author

    Actually all of the figures are for a lifetime access right now, but this is the early bird costs.  These prices are only good through August 16, 2017. Then it will go to an annual cost and the prices will rise.  Each level gives you the ability to handle more digital products.  The $197 is for unlimited lifetime products.  The $97 allows you to protect up to 25 products and the $67 allows you to protect up to 10 products.


  8. Marc Post author


    Thanks for the complement, comment and questions.  I appreciate it.  I had a chance to take a look behind the scenes.  It really is a powerful tool that takes many complicated tasks of promoting your own product and makes it all dead simple.  There are not any on going monthly charges other than your own hosting costs.  The initial pricing was for a lifetime.  They will be changing it to a yearly cost.



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