A Users Inboxdollars Review, Is Inbox Dollars a Scam?

By | August 17, 2017

A Users Inboxdollars Review, Is Inbox Dollars a ScamThis review is going to be a little different than 99% of all of my other reviews.  Why? Because Inboxdollars is one of the first programs many people come across when trying to make money online.  I know it was one of my first ones.  So yes, I did sign up for inbox dollars a little over 3 years ago, thinking I could make some money.  The answer was yes, I made $30.my recommendations

I know you are thinking okay $30 is nice!  I could use $30.  Absolutely you can, I know it.  That is why you probably found this write up trying to find a good way to earn money and wondering if Inbox Dollar is a scam or not.  Here is where the trouble is.  If it was $30 a day, or a week even that would be nice.  Do you want to guess how long it took me to earn $30?

Well you already know it wasn’t a week, and definitely not in a day.  It wasn’t even in a month.  It took me a just about 3 months of going on everyday clicking and doing menial tasks to earn $30.  I don’t know about you but 3 months is a long time to get $30.

What is Inboxdollars?

Inbox dollars is a service that gives you emails, surveys, and tasks to earn money from completing them.  You can even watch videos, play games, and refer friends to earn money.  I know sounds great.

Well it is not all it is cracked up to be.  First off you watch a short video you earn $.01 to $.02 for your time.  That wouldn’t be bad if you could just let them play in the background but that is not the case.  I think you could earn more money by walking around a park, looking at the ground and picking up the spare change you find lying on the ground.Inboxdollars reviews

You can also earn better money by completing surveys.  Oh that is not bad, give my opinion then get some good money.  Okay that would be good if you could ever qualify for the surveys.  This is another sore spot on my list.  You try to get a survey for $10 and take 20 minutes of your time only to find out you don’t qualify for the survey and earn nothing.  NO THANKS!

You can also sign up for trial versions of things to make good money on Inbox dollar.  Some of them go for as high as $15-$20.  Not too bad, you can do well doing this part.  Here is the catch you will need to use your credit card to start the free trial. Then you also need to read the fine print.  You get the credit for the trial when the trial is over, or you place your first order, or you spend so much money.  You see where I am going with this?  You can make money but if you forget to cancel the subscription before you are charged.  While the amount you earn is typically a little more than the cost of the subscription, you could possibly lose money on the deal.Inboxdollars scam

Are there any Inboxdollars hacks?

If you are searching for hacks, there are software programs you can use.  I would highly recommend against using them though for a number of reasons.  First they are typically against the TOS of the company and they can confiscate any earnings made through the use of them.  Some may also put malicious software on your system.

I have not used any of these so-called money makers, nor would I.  If you chose to do so you do at your own risk.

How to Make Money with Inboxdollars Survey and EMails?

Well as I have said it is going to take time to accumulate the $30 so you can withdraw it.  Here is what you do.  You log on every day and spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour completing the tasks you can find.

They are actually easy to find once you log in.  Just click at the very top of the menu on offers.  Scroll through them until you find one you like and complete the offer.  That part is easy.

You can also complete surveys, but be careful as you might not qualify for many of those as I stated earlier.

You will also receive daily emails from them and all you need to do is click on the link stay on it for the allotted amount of time and you earn a few cents there as well.

You can play simple games, including spinning a wheel with the tokens you get for not qualifying for a survey.  I think the most I earned on the wheel was $.25 in a spin.  Again, it was about 3 years ago but looking at the site today, nothing has changed.

You can also refer other active users and earn money from them as well.  I am sorry but, I don’t think you are much of a friend if you are referring someone to something they can make $30 over the course of 3 months of daily time.  I don’t believe this is the way to go.

The final nail in the coffin is that once you request a payout it will take about 2 weeks to mail you the check.learn to earn online

Summary of Inboxdollar

Well as I am sure you have guessed this is not a program that I suggest to make a full time income.  Inboxdollars is a gateway for people trying to earn money online.  Just skip it.  Earning money online does not need to take forever.

You don’t need to spend 20 minutes at a time and earn nothing for those efforts.  If you are serious about earning a real income online you should take a look at my top recommendation.  It changed my life.  As you can tell in my review of Inboxdollars, while it is not a scam it simply is not worth the time put into it.

4 thoughts on “A Users Inboxdollars Review, Is Inbox Dollars a Scam?

  1. Rebecca Ruano

    I tried InboxDollars three different times over the last 10 years. It’s always the same and you are spot-on in this review. I never qualified for a survey, but I felt like I had taken the survey by the time they told me I didn’t qualify!

    1. Marc Post author


      Yeah, you can make money on it but it is not like many try to make you believe. The bottom line is if you can get a bunch of people to sign up under you then you can do well with the program. For most people they think they can just join the program and bring in a couple of hundred dollars a month, it is just not going to happen that way. Let me know if I can help you further.


  2. Elva Markez

    I’ve received 2 checks for $40 ea. in a year . It does take a long time 2 earn money because I rarely qualified 4 surveys . I eventually gave up . It’s not worth my time.

    1. Marc Post author

      That was exactly my point in the write up. Thank you for your comment.


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