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  • Do you want to have a successful online business?
  • Do you want to make extra money or even enough money online to quite your day job?
  • Do you want to be able to make some money online while doing something fun?under-construction-hi

If you answered yes to any of these questions the first thing you need to do is to have a website.  Every successful online business has a website.  Yes you can make some money online without a website but you are missing one important thing from your efforts if you don’t have a website.  That thing is an asset.  When you have a website you are actually building an online asset.  The asset just like any other asset can grow and if done properly can give you the financial freedom many people crave.

Its Easy to Build a Website


You might ask yourself, “How can I build a website?” or, “Are there tools to build a website?”.  It is very easy to build a website.  I can help you do just that.  There are many, many tools to build a website.  Don’t get overwhelmed by all of them out there.  The one that I like the most is WordPress, sometimes abbreviated WP.  This is a very adaptable platform and much of it is self-explanatory, even if you don’t have any coding background.  There are of course many other website building platforms out there like Dreamweaver ™ but to me they are expensive and confusing.  In order to utilize them to the fullest you need to understand coding very well.

Besides being simple, WordPress is free.  That is right I said free and simple to use, who could ask for more?  Please don’t ask me, “Can you build me a website?”  I can but WordPress is so simple to use, I suggest you try it yourself.  Besides the satisfaction you get when you’re done if you do it yourself, you also get a better understanding of how to maintain the system if you do it yourself.

Okay, yes you can build a website for free.  So what about how I can put it up on the web.  That has to cost money right? WRONG!

You Can Build a Website for Free

At SiteRubix you can build not one website for free but two for free.  Absolutely free! You can try it yourself, just sign up and they will actually walk you through the steps of how to build a website using WordPress.  You can also watch this video and see just how easy it is.

Click Above to see just how easy it is.

Click Above to see just how easy it is.

Don’t be afraid of taking your first steps.  I will be happy to help you do it if you get stuck.  There are many other people on the Wealth Affiliates website that can help you as well if I am unavailable.  So if you have ever dreamed about starting an online business or a website now is the time to do it.

Why wait?  Read my review of Wealthy Affilliates and GET STARTED NOW, IT’SFREE!!!

If you have any questions or comments please leave below.

4 thoughts on “Build a Website

  1. Wayne

    Hey Marc,

    I tried this website builder and can’t believe how good it is. Very easy to build my first website and the added free training they offer is great.

    I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to get started making money online or anyone that just wants to throw up a website for free.

    1. Marc Post author

      you can check out any of my recommendations. They all take a little work but it is not hard. If anyone tries to tell you it takes no work you are heading for a scam.


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