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Top 5 Richest YouTubers in The World

YouTube has become a dominating platform within the worldwide web and, the most prominent YouTubers are making millions from this site. Obviously, this is attached to having a huge number of subscribers. The strategy is to have a concept and build on it. When top Youtuber have a concept, they make video recordings, post them on their channels,… Read More »

Tips for Social Media Marketing

Social media is big.  I know “tell me something I don’t know”.  Many people, including myself, when starting a website sometimes ignore it at first.  Sooner or later though, you need to acknowledge and work with social media.  This is where you can start a social media marketing plan.  There are many things to work out including: what… Read More »

What is the Key to Success

Many people go through life not really knowing how to achieve what they want.  They feel that life is, or has been, pushing them around. All of their life they feel like they just can’t get ahead.  After a period of time, they believe this to be true.  They believe they will fail even before they start.  To… Read More »