How to Sell Photos on Foap and Other Apps

By | August 14, 2018

How to Sell Photos on Foap and Other AppsAre you a shutterbug and would like to earn extra money from home?  The cool thing about it is, nowadays everyone has a smartphone.  Many people take photos like they were the paparazzi trying to get that rare celebrity photo that no one else has.  Okay back to my point.  Maybe you can use those pictures on apps like Foap and make some money.

There are several places you can sell the photos that you take with your smartphone.  You don’t need to be a professional anymore and have tons of expensive equipment to sell your photos.

These types of photos are in general called stock photos.  If you can take good, non-cheesy, pictures than this might just be the thing for you.  I will let you know how to sell your photos on Foap and other apps.

Let’s start, well, at the beginning.

What is the Foap Smartphone App? was established in 2012. They produced an app that allows you to get paid for posting and offering your photos. Firms can also acquire photos from them as well. They have corporate locations in Sweden, Poland, as well as New York.

Here’s Exactly How Foap Works 

  1. Download the app onto your mobile gadget.
  2. Register for an account and also make certain you have a Paypal account (so you could complete the confirmation procedure and obtain payment when somebody purchases your photos).
  3. Upload pictures from your mobile phone (AFTER editing and enhancing obviously). As soon as the photo is published, you should add a caption, add tags (to assist people to search for your image) and also respond to a legal concern (which is to ask if there are identifiable people in your picture and also if so whether you have the approval to utilize their face for supply picture sale. This will help to identify whether the image will have an editorial or business license).
  4. As soon as the image is submitted and also all questions are addressed, your photo will be available up for sale after you get a standard of 2.5 stars score (from 5 stars) from 5 random foapers who have actually ranked your photo. For every image that is sold, you will earn 5 USD – and also the most effective part is that you can get money if you just made 5 bucks (unlike many stock photo websites which require a minimum payout, i.e. 100 dollars).

On top of that, you could participate in objectives on Foap to earn additional cash. Missions are photo competitions where individuals send photos which accomplish the goal’s criteria (i.e. images of the coastline, images portraying summer). The winner of each objective reaches win the grand reward stated for each and every objective. I would recommend submitting your images earlier for the mission as you should get your pictures accepted (2.5 star average score from 5 Foap evaluations) prior to it can go into the goal and also lately it can take a few days to obtain rankings because of the volume of participants.

Foap additionally launched a function called Foap albums whereby customers can produce albums as well as add pictures from their portfolio and from other’s portfolios. If your pictures from the album get purchased, you will still earn the 5 bucks per photo and also if pictures posted by others (which you included in your album) gets sold, you will earn a commission of $0.25 each photo.

UPDATE: Lately, there has been a lot of competitors in FOAP because of the boost in the variety of individuals attempting to sell their photos. I assume that the very best method to market images now as well as become more recognizable is to proactively take part in their photo missions. I have seen some amateur photographers who offered a few photos in a single mission utilizing really straightforward pictures that seem to be unedited.

The Features 

On-the-go instantaneous application access: Since the Foap Smartphone App is available on both Android and Apple stores, you can publish pictures right after taking them. Companies like Swagbucks will pay you for downloading apps like Foap.

Huge fanbase within your reaches: There are thousands of individuals in the Foap community which makes it less complicated to construct a following for your pictures. You could make new close friends as well as obtain ideas for future photo possibilities.

Just what I Love About It 

Immediate eyeballs on your pictures: Foap has a huge fanbase of customers that offer instant comments to your photos. You’ll know immediately if they suck. You can produce a huge following too for your images as well as discover exactly what kind of photos actually offer.

One again, Foap has some wonderful contest goals from numerous popular brands. If you meet all the provided standards and also win, you could earn $100 or more for your work. There is no limitation on the variety of images you can submit for a specific competition.

Foap App Complaints 

You need a smartphone: Obviously, offered the nature of this chance, a mobile phone is needed. And some individuals do not have them since they assume they’re costly. You can always find deals on smartphones on craigslist or online retailers many times.

It’s difficult to discover any individual on-line earning anything substantial from trying to sell their images on the app. Acceptance in the marketplace is not a very easy task.

Just one means to obtain cash money, boo! Foap just pays users through PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you will need to get it to use Foap.  It is actually really easy to send money to your account from PayPal, but it does take a couple of days.

So, Is Foap Legit or A Big Scam? 

While Foap is a genuine mobile phone app for offering electronic pictures online, it’s challenging making lots of money using it. Because Foap just pays individuals $5 each sold photo, you could be sure it will not pay your bills.  However, if you get a lot of photos on the site as well as have a good following you can do okay.foap alternatives

ABC Foap Alternatives 

A. Canstock

You can likewise use Canstock to offer your images. Canstock does not have a mobile app for you to submit your photos (so you need to upload all your photos by means of the computer) but the evaluation procedure is likewise rather straightforward as well as not extremely stringent. The earning possibility is additionally just like 123rf so in order to earn some decent money, you have to publish more images available for sale.

B. 123rf

123rf is another stock photo website that I want to use. 123rf has a mobile app so you can quickly post phones from your mobile phone. When you have actually uploaded the photos as well as added the necessary details as well as tags, 123rf will assess the quality of your pictures before making them offered offer for sale.

Their evaluation process is a lot less rigorous compared with other preferred supply image websites such as Shutterstock and also Fotolia. So 123rf is a fantastic portal for amateurs to start their stock photography trip.

Nonetheless, you do not get to earn as much as you would certainly on Foap. The majority of photos are purchased by buyers who have a subscription with 123rf so typically you earn as low as 20 cents each picture. However, you can easily have one buyer who acquired a large print of one of your pictures in addition to a license which allows him/her to use the photo for advertising and marketing – and for that single transaction, you can earn much more.

You could make money via PayPal and also the minimum payout amount is 50 USD.

C. Scoopshot

Scoopshot is an additional firm which allows mobile phone users to offer their images and videos through a smart device application. You can simply publish pictures and also videos in response to particular tasks listed on Scoopshot or participate in their contests to get a possibility to make money.sell photos from your phone

Final Thought on Selling Photos Online 

You can make some money online selling photos.  If you do take great photos then you might get some steady income from it.  Or you might be able to get a cup of coffee, either way, you still get money just for sharing your photos.

Really there are several ways you can make money online and we are just trying to compile a large list of these to help you, our readers out.  You can see our top recommendation here.

If you have been successful selling your pictures online or have other alternatives to Foap please comment below.

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