Work From Home and Make $17.50 an Hour as a Proofreader

By | August 13, 2018

Work From Home and Make $17.50/Hour as a ProofreaderOccasionally, it takes getting fired from work to understand the ideal company is gazing right at you. That’s how it occurred for Caitlin Pyle, the proofreading giant behind While helping a court reporting agency, Pyle checked records to assist her employer, and she succeeded. She was relocated to the editing and enhancing department, where she was a great stenotype reporter– as well as began taking on a few on the side as a proofer for clients.

Pyle had not been yet convinced proofreading was going to be her best choice for her income. She also invested virtually $6,000 to learn how to end up being an individual fitness instructor and worked with high-profile customers for numerous years. Yet her eagle eye kept calling her back to checking. In 2012, she hung up her athletic shoe as well as committed her occupation to proofreading– and also showing the profession to others.

Interested in learning how you can begin checking as a side hustle or freelance service? Right here’s Pyle’s ideal suggestions.

What’s your academic background? Were you a word geek as a youngster? 

I was always the one people provided their essays to for checking. I had not been all that terrific at composing them from the ground up, but man, I can find mistakes like a hawk, as well as had an actual flair for making points appear great on paper. I got my bachelor’s degree in interactions at the University of Central Florida in 2009.

What made you alter your mind from personal training to proofreading? 

I was checking for two court press reporters from my old job before I went to an institution for individual training, and simply kept that up on the side. After I completed personal training school, I believed I ‘d do proofreading to pay the expenses while I learning the ropes as a fitness instructor.

However, as that business expanded, I promptly observed I was able to make a little bit more money per-hour checking transcripts compared to I had the ability to make as a trainer– and I really did not have to be anywhere at a certain time to do the job. I truly liked being able to make money on my very own terms, and loved the flexibility it offered. I ultimately recognized while fitness training was fun, it was economically ineffective.proofread anywhere

How to locate customers and also get your job done? 

In the beginning, I did a whole lot of agreement job with one court coverage agency. This firm still gives out my name. I do get references from present clients, too. With those 2 things integrated, I really don’t have to do much marketing of my own these days. The job tends to market itself: if you discover potentially embarrassing errors in a record, those really market to your customer: “See what I found? This is why you require me.”

Much of my hustle comes from being really concentrated as well as ready to prioritize and also get rid of diversions to get the job done, and succeeded. That results in actually happy customers and also more work for me.

It did take a while to accumulate an endurance to read as much as I do. Not putting things off plays to a duty, also. I never, ever “sit” on a job. If I have work to do, I get it done immediately. If I allow it rest, it could accumulate fast as well as I could get bewildered.  So this is not for a procrastinator.

Just how much does a proofreader make? 

I would certainly state the average price of each page is about $0.35. Many of my students in my training course, Transcript Proofreading: Theory and also Practice, beginning at around 50 pages an hour with their first “genuine” work. We’ll call that standard– some students may check out quicker or slower. If the typical trainee bills the typical price of $0.35 per page as well as checks out at 50 pages an hour, that’s $17.50 each hr. Not Bad At All! What’s cool is that you’re in control of your rate, and also you can charge more for rush jobs.

It’s important to keep in mind you are paid each page! So if you continually get sidetracked or hesitate and drag out those 50 pages over numerous hours, it could feel like you’re not making any money. I do a great deal to stay focused: I plug in headphones and also set a timer to time my speed, so I can guarantee that I stay on task and my profits aren’t negatively influenced.proofread for money

Have you ever before been in a circumstance where you’ve had excessive on your plate? Just how do you stabilize your workload? 

That’s right! I have certainly been in a situation where I’ve had too much work on my plate. My very first step is to interact with the client and also tell them I am swamped. Generally, they’ll say, “OK, it’s great, no problem,” and also allow me to recognize the situation. I can get their work back to them and they are still more than happy. Or they will certainly find a someone else or ask me to refer them to someone else.

I’ve found out that time is equally as valuable as money. Occasionally, I’ll gladly turn down a job worth $50 or $60 simply so I can have a mid-day to myself to see Friends on Netflix. Or take a Friday off because I want to take the train midtown with my hubby and eat my favorite French french fries at a bar (true tale!). Life is brief, and I don’t want to have to do it over, so I don’t intend to spend every minute working to earn money if I’ll never ever get to take time to do awesome things or see new places.

I have also discovered how to tell new clients right up front that I’m an extremely busy proofreader, and offer them my checklist of “smooth sailing” guidelines so they understand how I function before they even send me their first work. If they want to look elsewhere, they can, however most don’t– they recognize if I’m that busy, I should be good.

Just what are your service expenses? Can you speak about a few of the devices that have been worth paying for? 

Any individual that feels they are ready for checking transcripts and wishes to start can begin with a novice training course for around $200 total. Afterward, you can opt to move on with the full training. There are very few costs in addition to that. A lot of my trainees make back their course investment– or even the financial investment in a brand-new iPad– in the first few months of work after they complete the full training course

As for what devices is required, you can proofread without an iPad (I did so for nearly a year!) however I 100% recommend making use of one. I utilize an iPad Mini 2. Switching from laptop computer proofreading to iPad was a video game changer for my organisation due to the $10 application I downloaded and install, iAnnotate. It has many crazy-amazing tools that made my work a lot faster and also efficient compared to checking on my laptop computer.

My various other optional, yet for me crucial, expenditure is FreshBooks cloud bookkeeping. I’ve been using it for over two years now. It costs me over $200 a year, yet I am so organized! Invoicing as well as invoicing is so easy. I cannot believe I used to compose invoices manually on Excel. Never ever once more!

Many Thanks to Caitlin Pyle for sharing her expertise as well as guidance!

Curious about learning how to come to be a proofreader? Enroll in her complimentary, that is right free, workshop on! If this isn’t for you that is okay.  Take the time and check out my top recommendation.  If you are a proofreader please state your experiences below.

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