What is Screencast O Matic Screen Recorder and Should You Use It?

By | April 14, 2016

What is Screencast O Matic Screen RecorderName: 

Website: www.screencast-o-matic.com

Price: Free to $15 per year

Owner(s): Fabrice Bellard

Overall Rank: 9/10

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Screencast-O-Matic Review

Well that brings us to the topic at hand, “What is Screencast O Matic Screen Recorder?” In short it is a tool to record (make videos) of your screen or from your webcam.  Every day you see videos popping up on just about every subject known to man.  Some show peoples faces, some just show the screen of their computer, and still others show both.  Ever wonder how they did it?  Well they use a screen recorder.  There are many different kinds of recorders out there.

Some are expensive and tricky to use.  Of course others are cheap and are easy to use.  That does not mean that cheap ones are all easy and that expensive ones are all difficult.  Actually most of them come with a slight learning curve but the reality is they do, many of the same things.

This is a great compromise of a program that is versatile and inexpensive that you can easily make videos to upload to Youtube, your blog, or any media source that you chose.Screencast O Matic Screen Recorder

The Good and the Bad


  • Inexpensive, that is right it is very cheap to some other alternatives that are out there such as Camtasia.
  • They have great video tutorials on the site.
  • Free version is good enough for most people.
  • Paid version is only $15 a year.

Okay so being inexpensive is not always good, but if you are just getting started and want to try out videos without spending $200 or more, than this just might be the program for you.

You can be up and running as soon as 10 minutes.  Making your first video and posting it where ever you want.  The training is free on the system and it is very easy to follow.  I always say the best trail is a free trail.

Well the main drawback of the free version is that the video has a watermark that says Screencast on it.  The great news is you can pay only $15 for the yearly dues.  This is not something you need though, especially if you are just starting out.  You can see when I used the free version below, with the watermark.


  • They dont have any kind of affiliate program.
  • Other screen recorders are more powerful, but cost a lot more
  • Camtasia is much more powerful.

They dont have an affiliate program.  But that wont stop me from writing about them.  This is one of those freebies to my readers.  I think it is a great program that is well worth it.  I always say I just want to help my readers.

customer service

Customer Support

They do have customer support that is fairly responsive to email requests.  I received a response within 24 hours..

Who is Screencast-O-Matic For?


This is a great program for anyone who wants to try to make their own videos.  Especially if you dont have a lot of money to spend.  You can do it for free or you can pay only $15 a year.

how much does it cost

Screencast-O-Matic Price

This program as I mentioned can be used completely free.  If you want to be able to edit your video as well as remove the watermark you would need to pay $15 per year.  That is right I said a year not a month.

My Final Opinion of Screencast-O-Matic


 I have tried a few screen recorders, this is one I really like for the simplicity.   The cost is also a great thing.  I have used it a few times in the past to make recordings.  I posted one to YouTube. I am currently planning on making more and more videos.  So during the writing of this post I actually purchased an annual license.Not a Scam

Legit 9/10

try it now

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Have a comment, question, or your own personal experience with the product?  Please leave it below, I love to hear from my readers.


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13 thoughts on “What is Screencast O Matic Screen Recorder and Should You Use It?

  1. Dave

    Hi Marc, I enjoyed looking over your site. The information is helpful and well written.

    I particularly liked Screencast. I’m looking it over now and will most likely join.

    I checked some of your other pages and viewed one of your videos.

    I’m always looking for helpful info to improve my online business. Keep up the good work, and thanks, Dave

    1. Marc Post author


      If you dont do a lot of videos give it a try for free first. At least you can try it before you buy it. As I stated I have no affiliation with them so no big deal to me. Please let me know if there is anything you are having trouble with I will be more than happy to help out.

      Thanks for the comment.


  2. Kris

    Thanks for the recommendation. So much out there is paid so it is nice to get something for free for once! Do you think the watermark is a huge detriment to the free membership? What about ease of use?
    Thanks again for this interesting review. It has made me want to delve deeper.

    1. Marc Post author


      Thanks for the comment! I actually only made a few videos with the watermark. I decided to go ahead and pay the $15. I have no affiliate link with them what so ever. I am just trying to help my readers. I personally thought that the editing feature that is part of the annual membership was worth the $15. The system is very easy to use.

      Thanks again for the comment,


  3. Chrissie Spurgeon

    Hi Marc
    I really like the sound of Screencast O Matic. It sounds exactly the kind of thing that could be very useful to anyone who is experimenting with making videos for their business, and the fact that it is free, or extremely reasonable to upgrade, is a great plus!
    You have given it a very fair review, and as you say, you are not talking about it with a view to making money as there is no affiliate program.
    I like your site very much, and the fact that you are helping people by reviewing things like this.
    Thank you very much for drawing my attention to Screencast O Matic.

    1. Marc Post author


      Thank you for the comment. I am glad I could help you. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.


  4. Glen

    Your Screencast-o-matic review is very timely. I keep postponing the decision to make videos. I checked out Camtasia and just was not willing to spend that much money for a program I may not master or use much. You demonstrated how easy it is to use to record your Jaaxy demonstration. That was well done.

    1. Marc Post author


      Thanks for the comment and I am glad you found this at the right time. I agree Camtasia is an amazing product but it is too pricey for most people. Screencast-o-matic is much more affordable and handles almost everything that you could possibly want with recordings, especially when you first start out.


  5. Kavinah

    Hi Marc
    Great review of Screen o matic. I’ve heard about it but have never fancied putting myself on video. I suppose I’m only thinking about making videos showing my face and not looking at the possibility of doing videos without face contact.

    I like the fact that editing is possible with the paid version. I ‘l give the free version a try first before buying the paid version. I think it’s value for money.

    1. Marc Post author

      I would suggest just starting with the screen cast, you dont need to put your own picture on it until you are comfortable. That being said things work much better and you build more trust when you actually put your face on things.

      Thanks or the comment and let me know how things go.


  6. Dan

    This sounds pretty interesting. I’ve tried another free screen cast software called “EZ vid.” This ones got way more features. I checked out the main site and the yearly price is now $18 a year. Not much of a bump and still cheap. What’s the highest resolution you can achieve?

    1. Marc Post author

      Thanks for letting me know the difference in price.  I will update. Like you said still inexpensive.  You can achieve 1080p resolution on the program.  Thank you for the question.  I hope that helps.


  7. Steven Jones

    I can tell this online tool is completely amazing because of its editing features. Usually, I am trying Acethinker Free Screen Recorder Online. Like Screencast o matic, it is a web-based app that can also record any part of your screen activity. A good thing about it is you can use all of its features for free.


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