Is Triple Threat Revshare a Scam?

By | April 12, 2016

Is Triple Threat Revshare a Scam?Name: Triple Threat Revshare

Price: $10.00 membership + ad shares $3-$50

Owner(s)Troy Fobbs and Ray Scott

Overall Rank: 3/10

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Triple Threat Revshare Review

This program is a Revshare program and also goes by the name of Triple Threat Marketing.  The idea is you pay for advertising space.  That ad space also comes with company revenue sharing.  Meaning you get a pack for $3.  The company then shares their revenues with you up to 120% of the $3, or $3.60.  To qualify for the funds you must surf 10 ads on their system in 24 hours.

They also have a solo ad program that repays the revenues they earn as well. I have to say I have not tried their solo ad program.  I decided to try the revshare program first to see if it was legit or not.  The ad packs start at $3.  You can have up to 150 $3 shares. They have multiple tiers including, $7 ad shares, $15 ad shares, $30 ad shares, and $50 ad shares.

triple threat revshare scam

The Good and the Bad


  • They have made it past 6 months as an active Revshare.  Most reshares die within 6 months
  • They are constantly changing to try to improve the system
  • They are one of the quickest returning revshares out there.
  • Millions have been paid out on the system.


  • They keep changing the rules on the system.
  • Currently they are behind on payments by about 1 month.
  • They are implementing a weekly subscription of $10 to get paid.triple threat marketing proof of payment
  • They have cleared the pending payments list once in the past 2 months and refunded (back to the account balance not to paid).
  • They are currently discussing refunding all payments back to the account balance again.
  • Members get kicked out of the Facebook group if they make a negative post.
  • The traffic you get from this program is low quality.

I am currently a member.  I have over $300 in pending withdraws.  I have never been paid. If I get paid I will update my review. If the changes they are making actually work and the system improves I will also update my review.

The owners are having serious issues at this time with this revshare program.  Troy Fobbs and Ray Scott are starting another revshare program called Shares that Care.  My suggestions is that they fix one revshare before starting another one.

customer service

Customer Support

I have a couple of times sent a request into customer support and never received a response even after more than a month.  So in my opinion it does not exist.


Who is Triple Threat Marketing For?


Right at this time I have a hard time recommending anyone to this program.  Maybe someday they will fix the issues and I can change my assessment, but I am not holding my breath.

how much does it cost

Triple Threat Revshare Price

Currently $10 a month for membership.  Shares start at $3 and go up to $50 each.  Max withdraw is $50 a day without any referrals.  To withdraw more you must have more than 10 “active” referrals.  They are getting ready to make a change to the system.  This change will mean there is WEEKLY $10 membership in order to withdraw funds.

My Final Opinion of Triple Threat Revshare


This is not a program that I can recommend at this time.  Too Unstable, too many issues with it.  If you are interested in revshares I would suggest trying out free systems so you can learn how they work and the best way to utilize the low quality traffic you will get.   

Scan AlertScam 3/10

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2 thoughts on “Is Triple Threat Revshare a Scam?

  1. joan

    The only reason they have started the second site is because Triple threat has started to dry up in terms of money. Troy fobbs in particular is odious and uses gutter language to his members . he lost his job and then launched tt3 to swindle people Both him and Ray Scott have change their life styles an can be seen on FB swigging champagne bought with OUR MONEY .!!!!!!!. They will be prosecuted and justice will prevail

    1. Marc Post author

      Thank you for your comment. I am not sure if anyone lost their jobs and it they are “swindling” peoples money. Te thing you need to remember this is not an investment. It is an advertising platform. I had to edit your post as you made a comment that cannot be substantiated. Sorry, I tried to keep your personal feelings the same as best I could.
      That being said I have new pending payments out there and don’t expect to see any of it. I personally am not going to spend any more time with Triple Threat and would suggest other people stay away from both Triple Threat and Shares that Care.
      Thanks again Joan. Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with.


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