Tips for Social Media Marketing

Social media is big.  I know “tell me something I don’t know”.  Many people, including myself, when starting a website sometimes ignore it at first.  Sooner or later though, you need to acknowledge and work with social media.  This is where you can start a social media marketing plan.  There are many things to work out including: what… Read More »

What is the Key to Success

Many people go through life not really knowing how to achieve what they want.  They feel that life is, or has been, pushing them around. All of their life they feel like they just can’t get ahead.  After a period of time, they believe this to be true.  They believe they will fail even before they start.  To… Read More »

How to Make Money Fast with iWriter

Many people ask me how to make money fast.  While there are many legitimate ways to make money fast online there are even more scams.  That is just one of the reasons that I started this blog.  Every legitimate way to make money online takes a little bit of work.  One of the ways I discovered was iWriter.… Read More »

5 Tips and Ways to Brand Yourself

The other day I was talking to someone on Facebook about starting their online business.  They asked a few questions and one of them shocked me a little.  I was glad they were thinking in this way.  They asked me about branding.  This gave me an idea to write this article on tips and ways to brand yourself. … Read More »

Does Credit Karma Give Your Credit Good or Bad Karma?

Credit Karma Review With the advent of free membership sites that one can get your credit scores, has also come many scam sites that are sucking the resources that many have put in innocently to try. However, not all free sites are a scam and that is why it is wise to dig a little bit deeper regarding… Read More »

Niche Profit Classroom a Logical Choice?

This is a training platform that makes use of online video and the training is based on niche marketing. Resources, a variety of software and tools are also availed that one can use to build their own niche platform. Niche Profit Classroom requires one to subscribe on a monthly basis to remain as a member . Once you… Read More »