5 Pros and Cons of using WordPress Page Builders

By | June 16, 2018

5 Pros and Cons of using WordPress Page BuildersIf you are a beginner and you are looking forward to posting your blogs, videos and many more things than the best platform is to switch to WordPress. Most of the people usually take this site as just a blogging platform, and it was true as in the past, WordPress has evolved through many updates since a lot of years, and it gradually turns to the versatile content management system.

Now, WordPress site can be used to create a simple blog and not it also offers its users to create any kind of fully functional websites and mobile applications. WordPress is said to be free software, and this means that you are free to download, use, install and modify it. One can use it to create any kind of website, and it also open source which means that the source code of the software is easily available for one to study, play and can modify with.

Presently there are about currently 2600+ WordPress themes and about 31,000+ plugins which are available for free. You can download it or install it, and they can easily use them on any of your websites. When you try to run WordPress, you need to have a domain and web hosting. This can be happened by using it either in Bluehost or SiteGround, and it can happen because both of them will offer our users and can offer a free domain and about 50 percent off their hosting prices.

As it is open source, WordPress is said to be a community software, and many volunteers maintain it. Most of the volunteers are said to be WordPress consultants who have an active interest in growing and maintaining WordPress. In this, everyone can write patches, can answer support questions, write plugins, translate WordPress, can create themes and can update documentation.Wordpress Pagebuilders

WordPress has gotten so popular that millions of peoples use this every day along with many other new people too joining the WordPress community. The main reason for which so many people are using this site is due to easy and convenient way to use. The WordPress community has pros and cons despite being so user-friendly.

The rise of WordPress Page Builders

While themes are plugins are great, today there is a new way of designing WordPress website. This is using WordPress pagebuilders. These are a combination of themes and plugins which allow you to design a website in any way you want.

Sites such as CollectiveRay have been writing a lot of comparisons around popular WP page builders such as Divi and Beaver Builder.Advantages of WordPress Pagebuilders

Advantages of WordPress Page Builders

  • Good Content Management System (CMS) –

The main advantage of this it shows how easy it is possible to navigate through the pages and content. It is set up in such a way that who have got just basic skills can understand about the things. You can also adjust the things as you use the community and it purely depends on your likes and dislikes.

  • Use of Plugins –

Plugins are said to the best friend of the user. Any other CMS plugins are usually hard to read, and it can understand and use it. It depends on the user about how the user usually uses it, and it has a lot of free and paid plugins, and one can install it to develop the sites more easily.

  • SEO –

The plugins that are present in the WordPress are specially designed for the simplicity and purpose of SEO. Most of the people get a hard time with the Meta tags and descriptions, and it makes these tags very easy to understand and use. It is said to be the best optimization as it explains which words and phrases are search most in the search engine.

  • Affordable Cost –

WordPress is said to be completely free to install that on your server. There are a lot of free themes that a user can use it to decorate their website, and they can install it very easily. They can install the theme by just clicking with most host plans.

  • eCommerce Sites –

eCommerce site is said to be popular for WordPress sites, and most of the people are buying the things online. The plugins of the eCommerce WordPress is like Woo Commerce, and they play a big role in the site. It helps the user to optimize the content in a more efficient way, and it helps in directing more people to the brand.disadvantages of wordpress pagebuilders

Disadvantages of WordPress page Builders:

  • Layouts are Hard to Use –

There are many customized layouts, and they are said to be tricky to navigate through. The same thing goes for the design process, and some of the designs are not as easy as it seems to be accessible, and you may need to look at them for some more time to use it.

  • Huge Updates –

Updates are the main things which keep on running the server. These updates are said to be constant, and as per WordPress, they are not going to happen each day, but when it happens it, will be a huge update.  The user now needs to get prepared themselves for the updates which are coming for plugins, WordPress files, or themes which were a few times a month.

  • Learning of Curve –

This is said to be easily accessible, but the user needs to have knowledge about it beforehand. It is best when you are very good at web development and in marketing. One need not be good at it, but the user needs to have knowledge about it so that it will help. If you don’t know, then navigating through the WordPress may become a little bit difficult for a user.

  • Hacking of Sites –

All sites are prone to hacking, and in a WordPress site, one can easily install a Malware. To prevent the malware to affect your site, you need to check your WordPress site regularly.

  • The Need for Planning –

To create a site, you need to know about the process of marketing, and it plays an important role in WordPress. At this time, the user needs to have skill and having a plan will help a lot in WordPress.Wordpress is open source software

Despite having pros and cons of WordPress, it is used by millions of users for a decade now. There is an entire industry which was presented around the WordPress and many other hosting companies provide their support for WordPress managed hosting. One can use WordPress in various ways like Blog, Gallery, Portfolio, Shopping store, video collection site, membership site, arcade, and CMS.  You can follow up more on how to start a blog here.

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