My Aspire Business System/ Digital Altitude Journey Day 6

By | May 2, 2016

Digital Altitude Aspire Business Program Journey legitThis is to document my Sixth day with Aspire Business System.  This sixth day will be my final review for a while.  I will keep doing periodic reports on my Digital Altitude Journey, just not daily ones.  I hope this Journey has given you a better understanding of what the system is and my commitment.  I have shown you everything I can show you and shown you that I am willing to spend my own money to see if the system is legit or recommendations

What is Aspire Business System?

You could even ask what is Digital Altitude.  Well they are one in the same so you will see me use them interchangeably.  First and foremost, it is a training platform made by Michael Force to help everyone and anyone who is serious about being an entrepreneur be successful.  They have mandatory coaching sessions included in the package. It is set up in easy to follow stages, videos, and follow ups with the coach.  After each stage you must talk to your coach and discuss the topic at hand.

Who is Michael Force?

Michael Force has been around the internet for about 15 years.  He is one of the so called gurus.  He actually does all of his own videos.  I really like him and he is very soft spoken.  He speaks to you in plain terms that are easy to understand.  Known for giving lectures and guest presentations at business functions, he really knows his stuff.

My personal Journey

This is my sixth video of the series.  The videos are being done every day but I am a little behind in writing the posts, I am trying to get caught up on that to be fair to everyone. I only have one more video to write about and then I will be completely caught up with this portion of the journey.  Remember these posts may be a bit shorter than my normal posts, but I will make larger updates occasionally. Every 30 days I will try to do a longer post to show the progress in more depth.  That being said here is my day six Video:

I have since completed all of the beginning stages.  Now it is time to make a decision as to buying into the system or waiting a bit.  My gut is telling me it is time to take the leap and move forward.  I had my session with my coach and feel good about Digital Altitude.  You do not need to purchase any further portions than the first level that is the beginning of the journey.  There are several more classes that I haven’t even touch or discussed in this portion as of yet.  The reason is they are set up as a system and you need to do them in order.  My coach did unlock the next two lessons, I just haven’t done them yet.  To me this isn’t the end but the beginning.  If you want to give it a try for $1, click the link below.

try it now

You can check out the system at Revshare Lifestyle or get additional information at Digital Altitude.  As I stated I will be making as many videos as I can over the next 30 days and trying to do blog posts as soon as possible to relate to each one of the videos about Aspire Business Plan.  This has the potential to become my number one recommendation for several reasons of which I will discuss when I do a full review, but for now I will document my journey.

As always please feel free to leave any questions, comments or your own personal experiences about the product below.


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10 thoughts on “My Aspire Business System/ Digital Altitude Journey Day 6

  1. Willie McLendon

    Do you have a newsletter? If so I’d like to sign up for it please.

    1. Marc Post author

      Thank you for the request. I will add you to the newsletter. There is a pop up to join as well as a bar at the top. Again I will add you since you requested it.

  2. Chris

    Hello Marc,
    I’ve been watch your “journey” videos; thanks for sharing.
    Three questions Marc.
    1. Is Skype the only way to converse with your coach,
    2.Can you start Aspire at the climber level, and
    3. If I join Aspire under you, will I have access to you?

    1. Marc Post author

      Thank you so much for following me.
      1. There are many ways to reach your coaches, from Skype, to Email, to phone calls, some even utilize Facebook.
      2. You absolutely can start Aspire at the climber level. When I started with Aspire I upgraded to Climber within a day or two.
      3. You will have access to me. All of my contact info is in Aspire. If you join me you will see my Skype, Facebook and Email addresses.
      I really believe in helping everyone that I can. Before you join send me an email at One program I am working with has an exclusive deal they are working out with Aspire that will be well worth it and is at no extra cost. It is really just a bonus. I cant say more than that here because it is still in process and will be announced shortly.
      Thanks for the comment and questions.

    1. Marc Post author

      Thanks for the question. I did a full blown review of everything here which would better explain to you the costs of Digital Altitude. Please let me know if that does not outline everything for you or if you have any further questions.

    1. Marc Post author

      If you are looking to make money in the system you will want to drive traffic to the system. This can be done many different ways. Once they are in the system you can communicate with them if you choose or let the coaches do their job. I personally like to help the people in my down line. If they succeed, I will succeed.
      I hope that answers your question Cathy.
      Thanks for the question please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

    1. Marc Post author

      You can utilize the program on any business you have. However, Aspire is an educational platform that you can in turn sell to make money online. They also do a great job in teaching you how to do just that.


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