Is Clicksense or Clixsense Scam?

By | May 14, 2016

Is clixsense a scamName: Clicksense


Price: Free

Owner(s): Mr. Jim Grago

Overall Rank: 5/10

my recommendationsClicksense Review

This is a survey website that incorporates a pay to click service or what is commonly known as PTC. This site is helping individuals earn money by viewing advertisements and earnings are per every click one makes on these advertisements as well as completing surveys on the site. Earnings per click on this site range from $0.001 to $0.02. Just think of all those clicks ahead of you to make $1 let alone $100.  You might want to click the link above on my top recommendations rather than join clixsense.

Should you opt for surveys, you need to understand that they are based on geographical locations and you will find that most of these are for Western countries while Eastern countries have only a few. Hence, it will be difficult to achieve success in the survey you opt for unless you are either based in these countries or have sufficient knowledge about them.

is clicksense a scamWho Can Work with Clicksense?

Clicksense is a platform that all users can work with and this includes both beginners and expert online workers. All these can adopt clicksense as part of their preoccupation and since entry is free, anyone who is willing can opt in.  That being said, most expert online workers will use items where they make more money with their time.

Increasing Your Earnings on Clicksense

Every click on Clicksense will earn you between $0.001 and $0.2 and this is a very slow way of making your earnings on this platform. However, you can increase the amount of money you earn through referral programs. This will require you to refer as many people as you can to Clicksense, and it will, in turn, earn you a commission every time they view ads, complete surveys and buy something here.

This will be a faster way of earning some significant amount of money on this platform and there is no limit to the number of people you can refer. The more referral programs you have, the more download followers you will have who will help you earn some huge amount of money.

is clixsense a scamClicksense Challenges

  1. To make good money on Clicksense, you need to invest some good time on it and therefore, it will not work best if you are committed elsewhere. Other options of earning money on the platform include Super rewards, Matomy wall, Token ads, completing tasks, radio listening, offers, Supersonic ads among others but all these will not earn you best returns, compared to the time you invest in Clicksense. Hence, the slow process will be best in this case. On the other hand, if you are limited on time, the best option will be to refer people.
  1. You are limited in some way if you opt for surveys because they will be targeted on a specific geographical location and the details on your profile. This means that if you are not based in that location and you have no idea about the place you will hardly achieve desired results. This might probably drive you to opt out as you progress with your survey if you finally discover that you are not fit for it.
  1. There is no guarantee that the surveys and ads on Clicksense are true. So, before you become part of any company after viewing an advert on this site, you need to do a thorough research on it. Failure to do this will obviously imply that this will be a loss on your part shuttering the gains you should have much does it cost
  1. Advertisers have taken to Clicksense and often ask for sensitive information such as credit card details. Having no knowledge about this is dangerous because it might force you to believe that these are details that Clicksense requires which is actually not the case. Should you give such details, these advertisers can manipulate this information and you could end up losing a lot of money. Clicksense has tried to advise users not to give details to such as ask for such details but before you come across this information, you might be tempted to give these details and this will obviously be to your detriment.
  1. You need to refer enough people to clicksense for you to earn good money. If you stick to earning by clicking on various adverts on this platform, it will be a long time before you realize some good earnings. This will be a setback to anyone that lacks the patience to wait this long.

My Final Opinion of Clicksense

Though there are various challenges and restrictions for those who wish to earn money through this platform, it can be a great source of income, for those who are willing to give it a shot.  However, it will take significant time to make any real money.  Personally, I feel that time spent in other ways is more valuable.  Just think about it, how many clicks will you need to make at .001 to .02 to make it worth your while.  Not to mention the time on each page in order to actually earn those funds.  It is great in principle but you will be clicking forever to earn money.

Not a ScamLegit 5/10

try it now

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