Healthy Wage Review Get Paid to Lose Weight

By | August 1, 2018

Healthy Wage Review Get Paid to Lose WeightI am just going to say this and don’t hate me for it.  I am 6 foot 2 inches tall and weigh 175.  I eat whatever I want and never gain weight.  I had to get that disclaimer out of the way.  Now I know many people struggle with weight loss.  My father struggled with it all his life, so I do understand.  What if I told you there was a way you could lose weight, and make money by doing so?  Drum roll, please… Introducing Healthy Wage.

Go ahead let that soak in for a bit.  I said you can lose weight and get paid for it!  Let the choirs sing!!!

What is Healthy Wage

Healthy Wage is a health and wellness company, founded in 2009, that pays you for reaching your goals.  I know what you are thinking and that is you need to buy their meals from them.  NOPE, WRONG!  It doesn’t work like that.  They have 4 different programs within it. They are Healthy Wager, $10,000 Team Challenge, Jackpot Challenges, and Step Challenges.  More on these different programs within it later.

How Does it Work

As I mentioned before there are 4 different challenges that you can partake in.  They set up financial incentives to help you lose weight or be more active.  When you start out you need to prove your current status, and your status at the end.

Healthy Wager

The way Healthy Wager works is you use their calculator with your current weight and input other numbers such as the length of time and how much you want to wager.  Yes, I said wager.  You are betting that you will reach your goal.  If you reach your goal, then you get the balance that was listed in the calculator.Healthy Wage 10000 dollar team challenge

$10,000 Team Challenge

How would you like to win $10,000 for losing weight?  You can, well, your team can in the $10,000 Team Challenge.  This is a team challenge that lasts for a period of 90 days normally and includes 5 teammates.  The team with the largest percentage of weight loss wins.  This means that every member of the team has to work together to reach their goals and beat everyone else.

Jackpot Challenges

In this challenge, it can be individual or teams.  The teams are 4 to 9 players.  Each participant pays into a pot at the beginning of the challenge.  This is about losing a percentage of body fat.  At the end of the challenge, those players or teams that reach their goals split the pot equally.

Step Challenges

This is a lot like the Jackpot Challenges, but they are about the number of steps you take a day.  Each player pays into the pot at the beginning of the challenge.  If you meet the goal by the end of the time, which is typically an increase in the percent of steps you take each day, then you split the pot equally.

How Much Can You Make? 

Each challenge faces its own risk and rewards and all numbers vary.  By using the calculator, you can figure out exactly how much you can earn.  Challenges are typically 3 to 9 months.  To give you some ideas about how much you can earn there are several people who have earned over $1000.  The best part is they lost weight to do it.

How Does Healthy Wage Pay You

Once all of the verifications are in they pay via PayPal.  Since most people have a PayPal account this is an easy thing to do.

What is the Catch

The biggest catch is that if you don’t reach your goal, you lose the money you put in.  This is how Healthy Wage makes money and can pay the winners.  They also found that if you have the incentive of not only losing your money if you don’t reach your goal and get cash if you do, you have a higher likelihood of reaching your goals.

Also, you can’t play the Yo-Yo game.  Meaning you cannot lose the weight, get paid.  Then put the weight back on and lose the same weight again.  You can do another challenge in the system, so this is not a sustainable program to earn an income, but still, I think it is a great thing to be healthy.Lose weight and get paid

My Final Opinion on Healthy Wage

I will say this as well.  They do have an affiliate program, I chose not to join it and just give this one as a benefit to my readers.  I felt that since I haven’t had an issue with my weight, I didn’t think it was fair to get compensation for it.  So, I don’t have any affiliation with Healthy Wage.

This is obviously not for everyone, after all, I think the only challenge I could take up would be the step challenge.  I might just do that sometime in the future, although right now I do a fair bit of walking each day.  This is just another way you can earn some money from the comfort of your home in this on-going series.

You can always check out the way I first really learned to make money from home in my top recommendation.

If you have any questions or have participated in any of the Healthy Wage Challenges, please leave a comment below on how it worked for you.

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