8 Tips to Make Money on eBay

By | August 1, 2018

8 Tips to Make Money on eBayYou hear about it all the time.  People making money on eBay.  You might think that there is some magic to it.  Really, I would suggest starting small.  In fact, you can use eBay to de-clutter your house.  That is right all that old stuff you have that you haven’t used in years may actually have some value, why not sell it on eBay.  It won’t cost you anything to get started, but you will see if it is something you can do.  So below I have accumulated 8 ways or tips on how to get started.

  1. Take a supply of your inventory!

Go around your house, basement, and also the garage and also make a checklist of items you could offer. Gather smaller things right into a pile in part of your house or garage. Look beyond simply clothes– check out devices, home appliances, books, craft materials, children playthings, etc. At the very same time, you are doing a listing of stock, accumulate products that don’t have much re-sell value yet that you can donate to a local shelter or second-hand store. You could de-clutter, help a good cause, and also get a tax write-off for these. If I believe an item will get less than $20, I typically simply donate it to the neighborhood shelter.

  1. Set up Your Accounts!

Set up your eBay and PayPal accounts. Much of you might already have these. They are extremely easy to set-up by going to eBay.com as well as PayPal.com. You could also intend to develop a starter Craiglist account for bigger items that may be difficult to deliver.

  1. Take Terrific Images!

The better the image (and also the summary of the item for that matter), the much better the asking price. It’s as straightforward as that. If you do not have a great camera or cell phone camera borrow one from a buddy.Start Making Money with eBay

  1. Find the Delivery Prices!

At this moment obtain an exact price quote on delivery expenses. You can examine delivery rates online at www.usps.com or www.ups.com. This step is commonly neglected, however, is crucial to recognize so you don’t lose money on shipping the item you will sell.

  1. Examine ‘Completed Listings’!

Next check to see just what comparable items sell for (you can search for a product and after that click “completed listings” on the left-hand side for products that have actually ended). This will help you to determine a beginning cost and/or anticipated market value for your items you intend to sell.


  1. Create your listing!

There are numerous ‘innovative’ strategies, however, I try to maintain a straightforward approach. I list every one of my items on Sunday’s for 7 days (so they end on Sunday and not mid-day on a workday). I don’t go for the added ‘up-sells’ like bold or premium listing to reduce my cost connected with listing the items I am selling.

  1. Check your messages at the very least once daily.

Occasionally you’ll get messages from potential customers. They could intend to clear up something or have an inquiry about shipping and also bidding processes. The more prospective buyers imply higher end rates for you, so make sure you are responding to those messages.

  1. Deliver and Feedback

After the sale, deliver the items without delay and also leave feedback for the buyer. Make certain to stay clear of negative feedback (and recognize the buyer’s purchase) by shipping the things rapidly after the buyer has paid completely. Usually, the quicker you could deliver, the much more likely they will leave you a great testimonial!  Those testimonials give you better ratings and help other buyers trust that you are a real person.

My Final Thoughts on Selling on eBay

Once you see how easy it is you may start looking at actually visiting those thrift stores to find additional things to buy and sell.  Here is one of the most important parts of all, though: Resist the lure to make use of the money that you earned to acquire MORE things that you are not going to sell! eBay.com could be a true blessing and a curse. Utilize it to your advantage!  You might even be able to start your own company doing this.

If this really isn’t what you are looking to do, then you can see the way I learned to make money online. Please leave a message if you have sold things in this way to de-clutter your house and make a little money.

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