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Wholesale Products but Is Aliexpress a Scam?

Name: Aliexpress Website: Price: Free for buyers or sellers Owner(s): Jack Ma & Jonathon Lu Overall Rank: 7/10 Aliexpress Review is perhaps among some of the most famous sites where various business transactions take place and Aliexpress is actually its sister company. They are similar in what they avail to various individuals and this is a… Read More »

What is Screencast O Matic Screen Recorder and Should You Use It?

Name: Screencast-O-Matic Website: Price: Free to $15 per year Owner(s): Fabrice Bellard Overall Rank: 9/10 Screencast-O-Matic Review Well that brings us to the topic at hand, “What is Screencast O Matic Screen Recorder?” In short it is a tool to record (make videos) of your screen or from your webcam.  Every day you see videos popping up on just… Read More »

Is Triple Threat Revshare a Scam?

Name: Triple Threat Revshare Website: Price: $10.00 membership + ad shares $3-$50 Owner(s): Troy Fobbs and Ray Scott Overall Rank: 3/10 Triple Threat Revshare Review This program is a Revshare program and also goes by the name of Triple Threat Marketing.  The idea is you pay for advertising space.  That ad space also comes with company revenue sharing.  Meaning you get… Read More »

Free Traffic that Acts like Paid Traffic with Rapid CPA?

Name: Rapid CPA Website: Price: $6.95 Owner(s): Tobias Ockermüller Overall Rank: 6/10 Rapid CPA Review Rapid CPA is a guide that acts the same way as paid traffic to help individuals realize traffic. It guides you on how to make $250 paydays on autopilot in 60 minutes or less by pulling CPA campaigns for gains to be… Read More »

Top VPN Provider-Express VPN

Name: Express VPN Website:  Price: Starting at $8.32/mo Price2: up to $12.95/mo Overall Rank: 9/10 Express VPN Review   Well many people think that a VPN is to hide the activities of people doing something on the internet that they shouldn’t be doing.  While that is the case for some people.  However, the vast majority of people who use a VPN… Read More »

Should you Become a Revshare Lifestlye (r)?

Name: RevShare Lifestyle Website: Price: Free Owner(s): Joel Straight Overall Rank: 8/10 RevShare Lifestyle Review This is my second post of this type.  My first one was on Mastering Ads Affiliate.  Joel Straight, like Ryan Hauser, is an expert in the revshare field.  They have both dedicated their time to helping others.  They are firm believers in Zig Ziglar and… Read More »

Is Kindle Money Mastery the Answer?

Name: Kindle Money Mastery Website: Price: $67 + Upsells Owner(s): Stefan Pylarinos Overall Rank: 5/10 Kindle Money Mastery Review This is an online money making venture that is in the form of a series of video tutorials that guide you on how you can make money by selling eBooks on the Kindle platform. Most of the platforms… Read More »

Mastering Ads Review from a Member: Best Revshare Conversions

Name: Mastering Ads Affiliate Website: Price: Free to $10 a month Owner(s): Ryan Hauser Overall Rank: 6/10 Mastering Ads Affiliate Review Ryan Hauser is an expert in revshares and is dedicated to helping others earn money online.  His program can be utilized for free.  It is a simple and easy system to use.  He recently launched his own revshare program that… Read More »

Adaxel-Revisited after 30 days

Well sorry it has been so long since I posted about Adaxel and my progress.  Many things have happened, all of this while I was writing my 30 day status, to say the least.  First of all it is still a very viable program from what I can see, although the earnings are not what they were.  The… Read More »

Snap Video Profits Review-Legit or a Scam

Name: Snap Video Profits Website: Price: $17 + upsells. Owner(s): Steven Gilbert and Greg Kononenko Overall Rank: Scam 2/10 Snap Video Profits Review This is an internet marketing training model that aims to optimize specific YouTube videos for them to rank high on particular keywords. These YouTube videos are in a particular niche and are expected to earn… Read More »