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By | March 11, 2015

wa_uncover_secrets_250x250Wealthy Affiliate
Overall Ranking: 9 out of 10
Price: Prices start at $0 for Starter Membership
Owners: Kyle and Carson

Get your starter membership for Free right now!

This is my #1 Recommendation!

Introducing Wealthy Affiliates

Wealthy Affiliates is a training platform that helps you learn how to create a successful business in any niche or field.  It guides you through in step by step processes in several areas including:

  • How to pick a domain
  • How to set up a website
  • How to build the foundation for an authority site.
  • Picking your niche; or how to become an affiliate marketer
  • Keyword research
  • How to increase rankings in search engines
  • And much, much more.

The Reasons I Like it


There are many different classrooms.  Each classroom has about 10 lessons within them.  They are designed to take one class a day.  You can go faster if you wish.  Not a problem at all. Whether you’re a seasoned internet marketer or a “noob” you can learn from others and the classrooms.classroom

Some of the classrooms are :

  • Getting Started
  • Keyword, Niche and Market Research
  • Everything WordPress
  • Authoring & Writing Content
  • Search Engine Optimization

There are currently over a dozen different classrooms and growing.

Active Community

Top 10There are thousands of people, like myself, that are eager to help with any question you may have.  You can leave the messages on any discussion.  Ask any question and others will respond and give you guidance.  It is really an online community with a purpose of making you successful at an online business.  There are blogs that people put together as well as small training packets, different from the classrooms.  They have a live chat feature that is always active and you can get an answer to a question within seconds.  This active community gives you the support and encouragement you need to be successful with an online business.  As I mentioned in my Getting Started section, people who are successful in building a business online “get help”.  You can get all the help you need right here.

Easy to Set up Websites

You can build any type of website, in any niche, you want.  With the free membership they even give you 2 free websites.  Just follow the 4 easy steps and before you know it you can have a website setup and ready to build a foundation.  The premium members can utilize their own domain and can have up to 50 (25 on SiteRubix.com domain, 25 of your own domain) different websites through the program.Build a website

Starter Membership is FREE!

I love the fact that the starter membership is free.  This is not a trail.  It is actually free.  So if you choose not to join the premium then you still get to keep your two websites.  This truly is the best guarantee you can get.

Constantly Updating

I have been a member for over a year now.  They are constantly bringing new improvements to the table.  Websites and ranking is something that is always in flux.  In order to keep up with all the changes that work you constantly need to learn. I love the fact that they add new features all the time.

Wealthy Affiliate CommentsOne of the features that Wealthy Affiliates added was the comments section.  Getting comments on a website is vital to ranking. The program helps you get those first few comments on your pages to help your ranking.  It is difficult to get those first comments.  Once you have those first few comments you will get more of them naturally.  Just make sure you interact with your comments.  By doing so you will increase your ranking.

Another change that they made recently was the ability to buy your domain directly from them.  The price is fair, and you dont need to worry about additional charges to the site.  It also includes free WhoisGuard to protect you. You also dont need to worry about transferring your new domain to their service.

What I don’t like

The amount of the information can be daunting.  There is so much information it takes about a week to really know how to utilize the site to its fullest.  This is a drawback but I would rather have too much information than not enough.build traffic

One of the other drawbacks for a starter member is that during the courses they ask you to post your websites for review of others on the discussion boards; as a free member you cannot post a link.  There are ways around this but it is a slight annoyance since they ask you to post it and it is under the starter member program.


Who can Benefit?

This is a great program for just about anyone at any skill level.  The beginner can learn from people who have been successful.  The intermediate person can hone their skills to become more successful.  The advanced person can still learn from others as well.  There is so much information on the platform, that it is good for anyone of any level.  The best part is you can chose to make a website promoting anything you want to, just follow your interests and pick your niche.

Unparalleled Support

show your readerThis was the true eye opener to me.  You can actually contact Kyle and Carson directly and they respond to you very quickly.  My rule has always been the 24 hour rule.  Meaning I want a response within 24 hours of my initial contact (some people say 48 hours, but I am a stickler).  When you first sign up you get a welcome letter from Kyle within a few hours.  Okay I know you say it is an auto-responder.  Yes it is, but I always test these.  I sent him a response with a small question.  Within 15 minutes I had a response to the question.  I know the times will very but still 15 minutes.  WOW!

The rest of the members are always willing to help out as well.  They have an open chat area, you can post questions and people will answer them as well.  Not only do they have support, but the entire community wants to see you succeed.

Okay so what’s it Cost?

There are two memberships available with Wealthy Affiliates, and no further costs, up-sales or anything else to buy.

  • Starter Membership, $0.00 (Join Here)
  • Premium Membership, $49.00 / month or $359.00/year (Join Here)

The premium membership has more classrooms, free hosting (up to 50 sites in total) unlimited keyword search tools that are the best I have seen and more information than I can hope to put here in this post.


So What do I Really Think

Thumbsup.svg.hiI think that Wealthy Affiliates is one of the best, if not the best, training platform out there.  No hype, no fluff.  They will not have endless up-sales; they will not say,”oh you need to buy just one more thing.”  It was a pleasant surprise when I found them.

Join Wealthy Affiliate Free ($0) no credit card.

Give it a try and if you don’t like it scream and yell at me.  I can take it.  I will even give you a bonus reason to at least try the Starter Membership.  If you join with a Free Starter Account, I will give you 7 days to decide to become a premium member at discount of 59% or $19.00 for the first month.  After that it will be $49.00 per month. I will also give you the “Diamond Traffic Bonus”.  I really think you will like it.

You can even take a look at these success stories.  People talking about making their first sale.  These are just a sample you can find so many more successes but I thought I would share some of what others are saying.

Success 1 (a must read)

Success 2

Success 3


You can see my profile and user id Marc1001 here.  I would love to help you with your new journey and I will follow you right away.

Please leave your own personal experiences and or reviews below.  If you have any questions or comments please let me know.  I love all feedback!


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These are my opinions and are not representative of the companies that create these products.
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It is my intention to explain products so you can make an informed decisions on which ones suit your needs best.

42 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review

  1. Dawna

    Hi Marc,
    I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a great program and it offers those who want to start their own affiliate marketing business to do so with no start up costs.

    1. Marc Pintar Post author

      Yes it has allowed me to actually move forward with online business like I never had in the past. The training is absolutely amazing and worth the effort.

  2. daisy

    HI Marc, After years of struggling to figure out how to create an online income and spending too much money to do it, I finally found Wealthy Affiliate. It is affordable. It is very thorough training. It helps learn the whole business from beginning (creating websites) to end (marketing and follow-up). It is a superb training.

    1. Marc Pintar Post author

      Yes I was very pleased to find the site myself and after joining I have never looked back.

  3. Rod

    Hey Marc,
    Do you have any suggestions for someone that may be thinking of trying out Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. Marc Pintar Post author

      Great question. The first thing I will say is you get out what ever you put into it. Meaning if you are quiet and just try doing tasks you will get much less out of it than someone who is active and communicating with others. So my suggestion is be active in discussions. That does not mean you have to go overboard, just do it naturally.
      Also If your thinking about it, what do you have to lose? The starter membership is free, comes with two free siterubix websites, you don’t get spammed, and you don’t need to give them a credit card. With a starter membership you can see and utilize many of the great features.
      My main purpose of joining was to learn more about how to build a successful online business. When I first joined I was a starter member but I quickly found the information to be so valuable that I went premium. I have never received any spam, no sales pitches, just a great community that I believe in.
      The last thing I would say is to take the training step by step, it is set up a specific way for a reason. If you jump ahead you will spend hours redoing and fixing what you have done. But all of the training is easy to follow and it is actually fun. You actually get to build something and talk about something that you enjoy.
      Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  4. Wayne

    Hi, great review.

    I can’t agree with you more! I got started with a Wealthy Affiliate a while back now, it taught me everything I needed to know about creating and monetising sites. I had wasted money on numerous ‘opportunities’ over the years so was initially sceptical – even about the free starter membership (thought there had to be a catch).

    My only regret with WA is not finding it sooner.

    1. Marc Pintar Post author

      I understand exactly what you are talking about. It seems that there are so many scams out there that almost everything has to have a catch. I was so happy when I found Wealthy Affiliates. That is why I made this website. To help others avoid scams and find real help.

  5. Val

    You review of the Wealthy Affiliate program is very organized and well laid out. It looks like the Wealthy Affiliate program offers a lot of training opportunities. Do I need to already know something about building a web site to be successful here?

    I am looking for a new career and I would also like to know if I can make a decent income to support myself? I’m not looking for another get rich scheme. I don’t mind hard work, but I would like to know if I work hard and if I am consistent will I have a shot at being successful?

    1. Marc Pintar Post author


      Thank you for the comment. Wealthy Affiliate is a great program that will teach you everything you need to know about building a successful online business. They teach you how to build an authority site and get traffic using white hat, or legitimate, ways. Many other products show you how to skirt the system. Eventually you will get caught if you try to do that.

      To answer your first question you dont need to know anything about website creation to make a website. WA will show you it all.

      You absolutely can earn enough to support yourself. Mind you it will take time before you can. You said it perfectly I preach you need to be consistent and patient when building a business, any business. An online business takes work. It can be done, just stay committed and have faith in the process.


  6. Chris

    This seems like a great place to learn how to hone my blogging skills – are you sure it’s free?
    I’m mainly interested in the two free websites they offer – are these in the package or is there some kind of catch?
    Been looking for some help online for quite some time now – hope this is it!!!

    1. Marc Pintar Post author

      The best part about it is that it is absolutely free. They do have a premium section available but they do not require you to sign up for the premium section to keep your websites. It is a great place to hone many skills and the community is one of the best I have found.


  7. Jovo

    Hi Marc, great to read your review of Wealthy Affiliate. As an insider I like to read what others think about WA, I built two sites there. About reasons why you like WA, I think I could only repeat what you are saying. You rightly point out the role of community, this is something that helped me as well. I was receiving help all the time.
    For your visitors if they read this comment: this is a fair review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Marc Pintar Post author


      Thank you for your kind remarks. I will be adding some other points to this post in the near future, basically as time permits. I am going to post what others are saying inside of WA, just some of the success stories. As you know there are many!

      Thank you again for commenting on my Wealthy Affiliate review.


  8. Lokw

    Hi, it is great post on the review of Wealthy Affiliate. WA is good online internet marketing training there. It is good time for me as reference from you of how to write a product review.
    To point out the benefit of the product could be easy, but one thing I want to ask is how do you write the drawback of the product when you are writing review, or it just your ideas or something. What do you think about it? Thanks a lot

    1. Marc Post author


      I am glad I could help you out. No matter how good a product is you can always find something that you would like to be better. While I feel Wealthy Affiliate is the best product I have found to date, the truth is the amount of information can be overwhelming. They do a good job when you first start out by pointing you in the right direction until you become familiar with the system they have. Then you can easily consume the information you need. My point is that you can still find a drawback no matter how good a product is. Also as you do more and more research on different products you will find many of them are not very good at all and it will actually be hard to find positive things to say about them.

      I hope this helped and let me know if you have any further questions.


  9. Arjun


    Am a student from india and itried to join in WA but the free membership isnt avail in our country.. iwould like to start my own website…so which will be better platform for me to startup…WA OR EARNEST AFFILIATE…? Am a beginner…

    1. Marc Post author

      You can try using a VPN to access the site. WA is amazing and would be my first choice. Earnest Affiliates is great for beginners too and is growing. I really like them both. I have been inside of both and they are both great for beginners. the great thing about Earnest Affiliates is that it is a lifetime membership so once you pay you dont have to pay again.

      1. Arjun

        Thanx Marc for your fast reply….iwould like to know one more thing…does WA includes free hosting ,free website builder, domain name and seo tutorial in their premium membership…..?..what about in earnest affiliate…..? what all things it provides to us…?

        1. Marc Post author

          Sorry it took me so long to get back to you I was traveling. That being said. WA does include hosting (up to 25 domains) with its premium membership, website builder and all kinds of training including SEO, Keyword research, and much much more. WA does not include domain name, it is something you would need to purchase. You can get a good deal on domains at Namecheap.
          Earnest Affiliate does not include hosting or domains. They suggest Bluehost. They do have training on SEO as well as keyword research. They also show you how to set up your website, but not a website builder. I would suggest Word Press. But then again Earnest Affiliate is a lifetime membership so it is still a great deal.
          I hope this helps you.

          1. Arjun

            Hello Marc

            Thanx for your wonderful support. Now I can round up what will be there inside the WA and EA. So I thought of joining EA coz currently am building my website in weebly.com which is a drag and drop system I hope u might be heard about this.Therefore, I am planning to host it in weebly.com itself after attending tutorial classes of EA.

            Thank you.

          2. Marc Post author

            I am happy to help you. Yes I am very familiar with Weebly. It is a good platform. It is easy to use and learn. I personally like the WordPress platform, but there is nothing wrong with Weebly.
            Best of luck to you and let me know how it goes.

  10. Bria

    Hello Marc. I am still confused as to what this site WA is about. The site offers free training on how to have a successful online business and gives you2 free sites with the “free” option. How do you make money with the websites?

    1. Marc Post author

      WA is a training platform on how to make money online. It teaches you how to monetize (make money) with your website. It teaches you about SEO, it teaches you about how to rank a website, it teaches you how to do research, and much much more. If you are looking to learn how to make money online WA is a great place to learn. The two websites are free for ever. They also have a premium membership that allows you access to more training, private messages, and unlocks additional content. I hope that helps you understand more. You can always just try the free membership, no credit card or anything required to see if it is a good place or not. Please let me know what you think. I will of course be happy to help you if you do join. The only emails you will receive from them are the thank you for joining and when someone responds to you. No other sales for anything else.

  11. Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Hello there Mark , another awesome review of WA.I have read hundreds but still can’t get enough as everybody experiences only beautiful things.

    You explained well how powerful is this community.As a member I never had any issue or problem with my site or the tools.

    The training is great because it really helps people to get rankings on search engines , even during these tough times of over competition.

    Additionally I always enjoy their platform upgrades and updates on their content.

    Do you think that is something missing though?

    What was the best moment you had there?

    Honest review , one of the best training programs.

    1. Marc Post author


      Thank you for the great comment.

      I have been thinking about some additional things, mainly some of the updates that WA has had over the past few months. The truth is it keeps getting better and better.

      There are many highlights I have with my WA account. There is always the first bit of organic traffic and watching it steadily grow. There is the first dollar I made, the First $100 month and so on. Seeing that the system actually works and helps you build an online business is great and comforting. Being able to help people within the community and within my own blog. These are all important aspects of WA and parts of what I have learned.

      Thanks again for your comment.


  12. Robert Basaker

    Hi, Marc, I just ran across your website when I was searching the internet for marketing businesses. So many companies I’ve checked out want money upfront without giving any details about what your are buying. I like your no fluff, straight forward offer. It appears you are so confident in your program that you are willing to let a new member try it out for nothing. That’s exactly the kind of business I’ve been searching for. I’m signing up tonight. I can lose. 7 days to try it out and no credit cards start. Thanks again for the information.

    1. Marc Post author


      Thanks for the comment and I will be happy to help you on the “flip side”. It actually is free for as long as you want but you get 7 days with access just like a premium member, after that you can still do many of the same things, but you dont have full access to the program. You are correct that you dont need a credit card.

      Please let me know if there is anyway I can help you out. I will be more than happy to do so.


  13. Paul

    Hello Marc
    Thank you for this great review. It is nice to see you rank it 9 out of 10 and that you are a member yourself. Good to hear that you can try it out for free without commitment and even able to host 2 free websites. I’ve never seen that anywhere before. Do you know if we can buy our domains through them directly? Keep up the good work in showing some great ideas on how to earn money from home.

    1. Marc Post author


      Thanks for the comment and the question. As far as if you can purchase your domain at Wealthy Affiliates. Yes you can. It is actually one of their newest features.


  14. Jen

    This sounds great but I have not the first clue what type of online business I’d do. Does anyone have any suggestions? What’s popular? What’s different?
    Thank you!

    1. Marc Post author

      My suggestion is do something that interests you. Either you want to learn more about something or you really like something. You need to be passionate about it. Can you see writing about things that surround that topic for at least 9 months? If not then move onto the next thing. The beauty of websites is the ability to follow your passions.
      The training at Wealthy Affiliates actually goes over how to pick a niche. Dont chase the money, instead follow your passion and the money will come.
      Please let me know if I can help you any further.

  15. cynthia

    Hi,if i dont have any experience and i dont know anything about computer and bussiness can i join WA?im just babysitter only.

    1. Marc Post author

      That is the point of WA. Anyone can learn with the platform. They walk you through every step to ensure your success. I will be happy to mentor you as well if you join under me. There is nothing wrong with being a babysitter. Please reach out to me if you have any other questions or I can help with anything.

  16. Ana

    Hello Marc,

    I need help. I am in Turkey and I can’t sign up for Walthy Affiliate. Is there a way to overcome this? It says it is not supported here. 🙁 It makes me so sad, I was so excited to start the training. Thanks in advance for your answer,Ana.

    1. Marc Post author

      You can try to use a VPN which will show your computer is in another location. Or another good system I believe that works in turkey is Earnest Affiliate.
      Best of luck to you. Please let me know if I can help any further.

  17. shreyansh desai

    hey marc!
    this is shreyansh desai, student from india , so lets talk to the point, after a lot of surfing online ,i finaly seem like have landed on a more lgimate website and now im thinking of starting with your free 1 week plan and then if i see my progress , i would surely love to take some risk later and chip in some cash . i really want to take out my extra expenses o want to fund or rather sustain my idea and research further out of it.

    i hope im at the best possible place , and yess im already felling that groove.

    so as i started, i went on wealth affiliate, and the message it shows to me that ,there is no such program available for my country ,so then can you please help mefurther and also help me plan the whole routine from starting from today utill we both can track some heafty dollars coming in.

    hoping for a fast and positive revert
    shreyansh desai

    1. Marc Post author

      Thank you for your comment. Sorry it took me a few days to get back to you. I had a family emergency.
      Now back to the point at hand. There are a couple of ways you still may be able to use wealthy affiliate. One is using a VPN.
      Another program that sounds like it would be good for you would be earnest affiliate. Read my review on them here.
      Let me know if I may be of further assistance.
      I will be traveling over the next few days.

  18. Ling

    Hello Marc,

    I actually ended up here from your post about UserTesting. Anyways, I’ve just tried signing up for WA, but I always get flagged with this message:

    ” Oops, we found that you already have an account at Wealthy Affiliate. Please login with that account to access Wealthy Affiliate!”

    Just to be clear, I’m very sure I don’t have any. I haven’t even visited the site before today. I’ve tried using another e-mail and even tried another name, but got the same response. I’m thinking it’s because I’m not from the US or that my location isn’t supported. That still doesn’t explain the weird response though. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Marc Post author

      Thank you for your comment. It could be that someone on the same computer signed up for the program on it before. Or it could be from the same internet connection.
      You can try to do it from another device.
      When I started I was not in the US, in fact I am still not living in the US full time.
      You can send me an email at Marc@earnextramoneyhome.com if you have any further questions.

  19. bruce

    Hello Marc,

    I am interested in finding out about how to become an affiliate for some good products.
    I really do not have a good grasp of what is out there, and what kind of commission i can make.
    Will this site give people lot of info on specific companies and their commission structure?
    Where can i find out about different affiliate programs, and what kind of money one can make?

    Sincerely & thank you,


    1. Marc Post author

      Yes this program has all of that and more. It helps you learn how to find affiliate programs as well as their commission structures. It also teaches you how to build a reputable and sustainable business online.
      I will also help you along the way as well as many of the other members. The reality is we all want to see you succeed!
      Thanks for the questions and please let me know if I can be of further assistance.
      PS. Sorry it took me so long to reply, I was traveling 🙂


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