Lionbridge a Work at Home Opportunity

By | July 30, 2018

Lionbridge a Work at Home OpportunityDuring my extensive research, I found a few places that consistently have work at home opportunities.  Recently I posted an article about working at home for Disney.  Another one of those opportunities is Lionbridge.  You might not have heard of them before, so I thought I would post some information about them and the types of jobs they have you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Who is Lionbridge? 

They are the world’s largest professional translation and localization company.  They employ over 6000 people from 27 countries around the world.  Lionbridge is growing and almost always are looking for workers for Corporate Operations, Global Crowdsourcing, Translators and Agencies, and Freelance Interpreters.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t speak a second language.  There is plenty of work from home opportunities with them in other areas.

Online/Remote Jobs

Data Validators

This position, for example, is a part-time one that you can work up to 24 hours per week.  There are some requirements for this position including a computer, smartphone, high-speed internet connection.  You also need to be well versed in Google Chrome and Gmail.  A high school diploma and the ability to read, write and speak English proficiently.

For this job you will be analyzing and rating data sets for accuracy and quality, transcribing audio, and answering general questions from text and articles.  You are not going to make a ton of money, but you do have the flexibility to work when you want to work.

Online Social Media Evaluator

Very similar requirements to the Data Validators.  This job you would work remotely and be evaluating social media platforms.  Rating each of the social media ads and other content for relevance and quality.  Again, this is a position with flex hours, but it is one that you must be active in social media daily.

Content Editor

This job actually requires a degree and is typically a full-time position.  In this position, you would develop and edit pieces making sure to maintain the same voice to appeal to the given audience.  This is all done through the guidelines when writing UI copy.

Multi-Media Judge

This is a part-time position with 10-20 hours of work a week is required.  To apply for this position you should have relevant knowledge of current events in the United States and be a US resident of at least 5 years.  In this job, you would review and evaluate the content on the platform.

Internet Search Administrator

This is yet another part-time job that you can do from your house.  This job requires you to have a high level of computer proficiency.  You would simply be giving feedback from leading search engines on text, websites, videos, and images.  Then rate the specific search results.Work from Home Opportunities

Other Jobs at Lionbridge

They really have a lot of jobs available that you can do at Lionbridge from home.  Some are location specific. Other jobs require you to speak different languages other than English.  I tried to stick to US location jobs they have and ones that don’t require you to speak multiple languages.

So if this is something that interests you, then check out their website for additional information.  I personally like being my own boss.  If you want to find out how to become your own boss and build your own online business, then check out my top recommendation.

I have no affiliation with Lionbridge.  This article is for informational purposes only.  You should do your own due diligence, as I am just introducing them to you.  If you have worked, or end up working for Lionbridge, please leave your experience below.

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