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By | April 7, 2016

Rapid CPAName: Rapid CPA


Price: $6.95

Owner(s): Tobias Ockermüller

Overall Rank: 6/10

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Rapid CPA Review

Rapid CPA is a guide that acts the same way as paid traffic to help individuals realize traffic. It guides you on how to make $250 paydays on autopilot in 60 minutes or less by pulling CPA campaigns for gains to be realized from the same. This does not mean you will make this money instantly, but initial setup is 60 minutes.  To achieve this, the guide focuses on specific traffic that is free by engaging three simple steps.

Since there are different kinds of website dealing in different products and services, when tested, it has been realized that this guide can work on almost every other platform available on the internet. Mindmaps, worksheets, diagrams, checklists and step-by-step lists are some of the inclusions you will find in the guide to help you and a video which is the primary source of the details you need on how to profit from CPA.rapid cpa review

The Good and the Bad


  • You will be able to come up with high converting ads that will sell.
  • Access to secrets of online marketing.
  • Provision for “TOBISTRIBE” which allows you to engage others in discussions on important matters and you can hang out here as well.
  • Access to personal email support.
  • This is a guide that can still help you with other projects you may have going forward.
  • Access to powerful sources of traffic that are free.
  • You get access to an elite Facebook group that is run by Tobias Ockermüller.
  • Free access to Automation and Autoresponder as you start out.
  • You do not have to be accepted to CPA networks to start out.

rapid cpa legit or scamMore than that, you will also enjoy a number of bonuses including;

  • You can check out the source of traffic from a live webinar.
  • Access to 100,000 visitors in just 20 minutes.
  • You get to realize huge savings when you opt for Rapid CPA.



  • Other than giving you the full details, this guide will only furnish you with the minimum steps to follow in the quest to make money with CPA.
  • There are up sells in the process of setting things up.

customer service

Customer Support

While I was researching the program I could not find anywhere I could actually send them an email for questions. This makes me think about what customer service will be like if i purchased the product because you can’t even contact them before you give them money.


Who is Rapid CPA For?

Rapid CPA is meant for those who have not yet realized traffic to their sites or have managed to get just a little and would want to increase it. This is usually a challenge to may who manage various sites especially if they do not have knowledge on how to increase it, which may be as a result of lack of necessary information.

Secondly, the processes that may be outlined by some sources on how to increase traffic may be complicated and difficult to understand, but in the case of Rapid CPA the process involves only 3 steps. This means that it has sought to simplify the process as well ensure achievement of the most. Other than just realizing traffic, it aims at helping those who want to realize more revenue through traffic, because as traffic increases, it translates to more revenue.

how much does it cost

Rapid CPA Price

It will only cost you $6.95 to acquire this guide and gains realized will be $250 paydays on autopilot within a period of 60 minutes. This is a huge gain considering the cost you have to incur to get yourself this guide.


My Final Opinion of Rapid CPA

The advantage of getting to try out campaigns before you actually put your money in adds has given users of this guide an assurance their monies are safe and once put in, they will realize a return on investment. Very few will avail you traffic methods for free and since this guide provides that, it means that risks of losing your investment are minimized.

Huge gains are realized when one opts to use this guide compared to the money that goes into purchasing the guide. This implies that this is a guide worth investing in by all who want more traffic streaming in their sites.

 Not a ScamLegit 6/10

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If you are serious about making money online and want to build a successful business then you really should look at my top recommendation.  It takes more than one thing to be successful online.  There is a list of everything that I found that helped me along the way with all my recommendations.

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