Fanbox is Now Empowr, But is it a Scam?

By | May 23, 2016

Fanbox is Now Empowr, But is it a Scam?Fanbox is an online platform with a layout similar to that which Facebook uses and all you need to do as they claim is to post anything you wish to post here and other Fanbox users will notice this post. If these users make time to visit your post, there will be automatic advertisements appearing on the right hand side of your post and right there, you will have an opportunity to make profits from Fanbox in the next 24 hours from these advertisements. So the question remains is Fanbox a scam?my recommendations

The first thing I have to say is Fanbox has recently revamped their system and is now called Empowr.  Their goal is to have a democratic elected company structure and make sure that anyone in the world can earn more than $2 a day.  The scary part is that many people in the world earn less than $2 a day.

This seems to be too good to be true since it appears to be very easy because members are forced to believe that they can earn by blogging and this is dependent on the amount of time that one spends while reading a certain post. Fanbox claims that this is made possible through their unique advertising system.blogging-336375_1280

While it is possible to earn money blogging, the system itself is set to upgrade you automatically in order to earn the most you can.  There is also a 90 day waiting period to get your funds that you earn.  What happens is the upgrades eat up the funds that will mature first.  Therefore, even after 90 days you will not realize any gains.

They also suggest that premium members that are registered are in a position of promoting their content and blog posts to the extent that they will be able to earn with PPC (pay per click). The monies that are earned in the process are then said to be shared with whoever created the content.

On the contrary, Fanbox is not the in thing as they try to put it since for starters, you will have a hard time trying to get membership but this is a ploy to show you how you are privileged to join them  and how genuine this is, yet it is all but a lie. In fact, anyone who wants to join Fanbox today can do so easily without any challenges whatsoever.Mail Scams

Looking into this platform further and in detail, you will realize some weak areas where it has gone off course completely. There are;

  1. It is outright that anyone desiring to buy anything will only do so if they clearly are aware of what they need.
  2. The probability of having individuals buy most of what is found on Social Media platforms is second to none.
  3. Rarely will people be interested with advertisements appearing on sidebars since they have opted to block banners out of their minds completely. This means that you literally have no chance of making money through these.

Various individuals have found themselves lured into Fanbox and this happens very easily through mails. You only need to sign-up and when you hit the “invite” option to invite a friend to the platform, they will be receiving random messages from Fanbox and in most cases many have found themselves yielding to prompts from these messages and eventually they become part of Fanbox.

Allegations have also been going around about the company failing to not only pay members but also its own workers to the point that they get fired easily when it appears that the company will be on the losing end. This is without mentioning the fact that BBB has more than 50 complaints relating to Fanbox alone, the indication clearly being that this is not a company to work with in any way.Dont forget Social Media

For this system to recruit people for free asking them to share pictures, articles or videos to get as many likes and re-shares as possible, which will in turn earn them money, real questions arise about where the money to pay is coming from yet no one has paid some money here. There is also the aspect of the “Fanbox Customer Protection team” or “Account Protection Team” requesting payments to be made via credit card and that after 90 days your monies will be available on Fanbox. In this case, they end up not paying.  They also attempt to link to your PayPal account.  Thereby when your funds run low they can withdraw directly from there as well.

Another strategy is where they put a huge sum of money on your Fanbox account and ask you to provide credit card details to validate your account. This can be anything between $500, $4,000 up to even $15,000 and the suggestion is that if you do not provide these details, you will lose the cash. This obviously does not materialize as per the numerous complaints about money lost by various individuals in this way.Website Platforms

Some people have been able to make money on Fanbox, but the reality is few and far between.  Many people actually loose large amounts of money.  This is one of those programs that really is questionable.

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