Some Quibids Complaints to Remember

By | June 14, 2016

Some Quibids complaints to rememberI have recently had a few of my readers ask me about Quibids and if there were many Quidbids complaints.  So I thought I would write a little something about it.  First I have to start by telling you a little bit about  what it is.  Quibids is an online platform where individuals compete to purchase various goods on offer. However, one is advised to carefully read the instructions provided before opting in so they can be fully be aware what to expect. This information can be sourced from Quibids website. Basically, most auction sites have the same model of operation.

my recommendationsFor a typical auction site, an online identity is created by every potential bidder, one shops for bids and thereafter places bids for items chosen. The bidder who has placed the highest price for a particular item carries the day at the end  of the auction period and can go on to purchase the item from the seller when the process is complete.

On the contrary, Quibids has adopted a different model from that which is common to most auction sites in that bids are purchased by participants, payment is then made for bids placed on items of interest and thereafter, the person who has put in the highest bids compared to others is identified at the end of the auction period after which they can go ahead and purchase the items.

quibids complaintsWhat is quite different with Quibids auction process is the fact that those who had paid bids and lost it to the final winner, end up not only losing the item but also whatever amount they had paid for the bids. However, there is the Buy it Now feature that allows any bidder who may have lost the item to buy it back. In this case, the price to pay will be based on the retail value of the specific item but whatever had been paid for bids will be deducted from this figure. Other restrictions may also apply.

Another important thing to note with QuiBids is that all products on offer are new, straight from the manufacturer; hence, auctions are restricted in that they are not open to any interested seller. Sometimes, one may experience challenges with items bought on Quibids though they are sourced directly from manufacturers. When this is the case, there are policies in place to address such issues.

Over and above this, there are complains about QuiBids one of them being the issue about “bid to buy” that has been misunderstood on several occasions. This has been attributed to failure to read and understand the policies that have been provided on QuiBid’s site before opting in. To overcome this, individuals are asked to ensure that they take time to go through these policies.

make money onlineThere is also a complaint about the $60 debited to accounts of various customers once they sign-up. The answer in this case would be to check the web page where you enter your credit or debit card details and you will realize that three times, the page indicates that $60 of bids will be included. Hence, once you sign-up, this amount will be debited to the account you have provided details about automatically.

A difference between the time reported on this site and real time can be noted as an auction draws to a close. This can easily be viewed as a deceptive act that can easily elicit complains. But one needs to know that this is a case of delays in information processing by the computer software either due to problems with the consumer’s online connection or challenges with the company’s servers that is offering the service. This serves to suggest that challenges with computer systems should not be interpreted as a plan by QuiBids to deceive users of this service.

On the same page where you fill your credit or debit card details there is the phrase “100% guarantee,” which suggests that one should expect to be satisfied with this site and the services it offers. Some may question this statement if they experience various challenges with the site or if they have not understood the policies in

For any complaints that may arise regarding this phrase and what it implies, all users are advised to read all the details regarding the guarantees offered before signing up for the services on this site and the best thing is that all these details are available on QuiBids site for all to access it. “Information is power” as they put it and it was noted that most complains were due to failure of proper interpretation of details provided on this site. Therefore, before bypassing this to sign-up or provide bank details, brush through the details carefully to identify key points you need to take note of.

I myself have never been a big fan of this style of auction.  While you can do well with them, it is important to note that not many people are successful and end up losing all of their bids and have nothing to show for the money they spent.  If you want to learn how to make money online please see my top recommendations.  I also have a list of all of my recommendations that have helped me over time.

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