Should you Become a Revshare Lifestlye (r)?

By | March 31, 2016

Revshare Lifestyle ReviewName: RevShare Lifestyle


Price: Free

Owner(s): Joel Straight

Overall Rank: 8/10

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RevShare Lifestyle Review

This is my second post of this type.  My first one was on Mastering Ads Affiliate.  Joel Straight, like Ryan Hauser, is an expert in the revshare field.  They have both dedicated their time to helping others.  They are firm believers in Zig Ziglar and his saying “You can get anything you want in life by helping others get what they want.”  I am a user of both systems, and like both of them.

You can read some basics on how revshares work on my Adaxel Journey.  DONT JOIN ADAXEL! That being said.  There is free training on how to make the most of your revshare ad credits.  The system also gives you landing pages and as I mentioned before a free sales funnel for other revshare programs.  What I mean by this is instead of posting your links to other revshares on different post  You just post one link and it advertises your revshares for you.


They have added Digital Altitude to the system.  This system is also called Aspire Business System.  It teaches you exactly how to make money online.  I have currently signed up for the system and am going through it now.  If you join Revshare Lifestyles you can also go through this system.  I have to say that it even has a private coach!  It has the potential for becoming my number one pick!  A review will be coming up shortly!

The Good and the Bad


This system is 100% free!  That is right.  They also help you set up all of your processes including, autoresponders, payment accounts and more.  All of the systems they show you how to join the affiliate programs and save your affiliate ID into the system.  This means you get credit for everything.Revshare Lifestyle Review Scam or Legit

Not only do you get all the credit for everything, but you even get the referral added to your autoresponder first.  What I mean by this is they dont even have to sign up as a referral but you still get them added to your list.  This is amazing.  Most systems like this they take the email subscriber first then if they sign up (even if it is a free system) then you get the referral under your autoresponder.

They have a built in traffic source through Traffic Genie.  You are not required to buy any traffic from them but it is an option.  Nothing in the system is required to do.  I would suggest signing up for all of the programs.  They are free to join and you can then save your ID in the system and get the credit when someone joins under you.Revshare Lifestyle scam or legit

There is one program you do need to join and make a purchase ($20) to get credit.  You can still join and put money in later once you have a better understanding of the system. These all work well.  But you really should put some money in some of the programs, even if it is just one, until you build up and take some money out.

They have free weekly webinars on Wednesday at 6PM PST.  You can join any of the webinars here for free.  They are all very helpful and informational. You can interact with the leaders in the group and get the answers you need.Revshare Lifestyle Webinar

The overall system and training in it are up to date and easy to follow.  If you ever get stuck, everyone in the system is more than happy to help you out, including me.  In just 2 days I have increased my email list by 3 referrals.  This is just incredible.  I did not buy any traffic on the system, this was only through putting up banners on other offers that I had out there.




I mentioned one of the bad things and that is one of the programs that is in their system you do need to sign up and make a $20 purchase to get commissions on the program.  That is really the only thing I have found wrong with the system.

customer service

Customer Support

They have a wonderful and responsive email support system as well as Facebook group that is willing to help you in any way.  You can also feel free to ask me any questions

Who is RevShare Lifestyle For?

It is perfect for someone who wants to try revshares and make a profit.  Also someone who is looking for a better way to increase the conversions of their revshare traffic.

how much does it cost

RevShare Lifestyle Price

I will keep this one short and sweet it is completely FREE!

My Final Opinion of RevShare LifeStyle

This is one of those rare programs I have found that really delivers what it promises.  If you are into revshares and are looking to find a better sales funnel then this just might be the place for you. The training and instructions are unmatched.  Even if you are a beginner in revshares it is a great place to learn from others while not getting taken advantage of.

They also have the new system of Digital Altitude or Aspire Business System that is a real game changer.  This has the potential of changing your life!  I am starting the program and seeing how it works now.  A new review of it will be coming soon!

Not a ScamLegit 8/10try it now


This program is a bit off of my normal topic of building an online business through blogs, but it still is a legitimate business and something you can try out for free. If you are serious about building an online business, you should check out my top recommendation.  As I said it takes many things to build a successful online business you can see many of the things that have helped in in my recommendations page.

As always if you have any comments, questions or personal experiences please feel free to leave them below.  I love hearing from you.


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2 thoughts on “Should you Become a Revshare Lifestlye (r)?

  1. Maria

    I never heard of revshares – what does that mean? Do you have to sell products or is it similar to affiliate marketing?

    Is it also something that can earn a lot of money or just a little side money? How much time do you need to dedicate to it?

    1. Marc Post author


      A Revshare can mean many different things but in this case it is a program that you buy advertising from and they share their profits with you. You dont sell a product, but instead use the advertising to push traffic to an offer that you have. Most of them you are required to surf 10 websites a day. Each website you have to stay on for 10 to 15 seconds. The traffic is not the best quality, but you can convert on it if you offer the right product. Revshare Lifestyle shows you exactly how to do that.

      When I first got into revshares I invested about $100. A few months later I am making about $50 a day. There is some risk involved though. That is why I suggest to join a group such as this to help guide you and let you make the most with your revshares.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions or if I can help you in anyway.



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