Easily Create a Spectacular Blog for Free

Mention blogging and perhaps visions of a someone huddled up in a dimly lit room sitting in front of a computer typing away.  Well it could also create visions of someone sitting on a beach for 5 minutes doing a few things then playing the day away.  The reality is it is somewhere in between.  If you have… Read More »

Analyzing Your Websites Competition and Key Tools

In any business, competition is something you can never overlook.  No matter which way you look at it. Most people think that the main reason for monitoring your competition is to find out how you can beat them. In most cases, this may turn out as the result eventually. However, it should not be at the expense of… Read More »

Amazingly Easy Way to Make Money Online, Odesk /Upwork

Perhaps you might have heard that the mind is the greatest wealth you can have on earth. This is so true because, no one can ever take away the skills you have to handle specific tasks. It is even much better when you are good at what you do since you tend to leverage on this in every… Read More »

Build an Email List to Captivate Your Readers

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools for reaching out to prospective customers and retaining regulars. This is why I say you need to build an email list to captivate your readers.  The success of this strategy depends to a large extent on having an email list that helps you keep in touch with the world… Read More »

How to Start an Internet Business and Succeed

When starting any business, there are factors you will generally need to consider and starting a business online is no exception. They act as guiding factors that will give you the best chances for your success. Planning can be almost everything but it is also nothing.  I mean that planning is nothing without execution.  You need to carve… Read More »

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Sale

Okay we all hear about the great deals this weekend, Black Friday.  Well as you also know my number one recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate has a great deal to rival those others you can find at the stores from November 27-30, 2015. The bonus of it all is that it is one that can actually teach… Read More »

Tips on How to Write for Blogs

Growing your online business will not just happen, which means that you need to put in some effort for this to be realized. On the same note, what you put in will determine the impact that this will have on your clients.  You really need to make sure you know how to write for your blogs.  By writing… Read More »