Niche Profit Classroom a Logical Choice?

By | October 5, 2016

Niche Profit Classroom a Logical Choice?This is a training platform that makes use of online video and the training is based on niche marketing. Resources, a variety of software and tools are also availed that one can use to build their own niche platform. Niche Profit Classroom requires one to subscribe on a monthly basis to remain as a member .my recommendations

Once you enroll, you get what they call a ‘turn key’ business. You will get two of these for free since they are viewed as a bonus and they are estimated to be worth $5,800. Webinars, a community forum and frequent Q&As are also feature on the platform to help address some of the common issues one might experience from time to time while using NPC.

Product Features

Online video is the main component of Niche Profit Classroom that makes provision to create sales pages and emails, build sites and perform keyword research as well. Each month, you will also be furnished with 3 readymade businesses that are in the form of niche packs that are well equipped to help you launch a new niche site.

NPC has 4 different modules and each of them has several multiple video tutorials as listed below;

  1. Niche Profit Shortcut (Adsense sites).
  2. Niche Profit Affiliate Mastery (One product affiliate sites).
  3. Niche Profit Affiliate Mastery (Multiple affiliate products).
  4. Niche Profit Vendor Mastery (Profit from product vending).

Niche Profit Classroom ReviewThe various tools available are as discussed below;

Sales Letter Wizard – you can comfortably create a sales letter within the shortest time possible by simply editing a template that has been provided.

  • Niche Profit Press – on this one it is as simple as drag and drop.
  • Optin Page Wizard – creation of optin pages is easy since you only need to edit a template and this will reduce the time you spend on this significantly.
  • Keyword Tool – this is intended to help you find appropriate keywords that will be used in your campaigns.
  • Mini Course Wizard – it is composed of auto-email writer software with a template that you can edit easily.How to write website content that gets traffic

Who can use Niche Profit Classroom?

If you have experience in niche sites creation and research, you will not find NPC to be of much use to you since it is meant for those who have no experience at all in this area. If you are this kind of an individual, this platform will be a great resource both in terms of training and helping you build your own profitable sites.

There are also various pros and cons associated with Niche Profit Classroom as outlined below.


When you think of a site that is customer friendly, then Niche Profit Classroom has literally gone out of its way to ensure that this achieved. This explains the reason why most of the new entrants into the online business arena are not finding it hard to get accustomed to this site within a very short period of time.Write from the Heart

The site has on set up a community column and the essence of this is for users to get in touch with anyone on the site in case they need any assistance of any nature with issues to do with working with the site.

Resources and insight into what you need to do in order to succeed on this platform are also available and this is a big boost for anyone that is green in online business. You will actually get a step by step guideline that begins with you right from the scratch.

You will require various tools from time to time while working with the platform and the site has availed all the tools you need for you to work effectively. Hence, you will not need more of these going forward.


The overflow of members that are being targeted is a major challenge you will have to contend with if you are bent on becoming part of Niche Profit Network. This is brought about by the fact that you only have a maximum of 3 niche packs every other month.make money online

Those who have advanced and are beyond the beginner level will not find the simplified videos worthwhile since they need something that is more challenging and engaging at their level.

Different from other site that do not charge you a dime, you will have to pay in this case for you to become part of this network. It will cost you $49.95 a pack multiplied by the total number of previous niche packs.

This is a great tool for those who are getting into online marketing for the very first time and need help from the scratch. The videos act as a great step by step guide in this process. Although I prefer other methods.  It is also important to note that at the time of writing this Niche Profit Classroom is closed to new students.  This may change in the future, but I am unsure when.

When you are serious about learning to earn money and are ready to put in the time and effort it really takes, check out my top recommendation. There are many tools I have used over the years and you can see them on my recommendation page.

If you have any comments or questions about Niche Profit Classroom.  Please feel free to leave them below.

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