Final Cut Pro-Is it Right for You?

By | August 28, 2016

Final Cut Pro Is it Right for You?Final Cut Pro Review

Video editing requires application of various tools to ensure that the end product is of the best quality possible. When you think about video editing then Apple has your best interests at heart with the Final Cut Pro X, which is an indication of their continued pursuit to remain a market leader in the area of providing industry-standard recommendations

Over and above this, if you are a new user of this particular application, there are prompts that are sure enough to guide you in the right direction. For those who have experience in video editing, then this application will also be appropriate since it has a wide range of tools that one can use in line with what they are looking for.

When Final Cut Pro was first introduced, many were a bit skeptical about it since it had opted to leave out some of the obvious tools that one would expects to find in such a system. This has since changed and it has gained such acceptance among various individuals; to the point of receiving the Silver Award.


  1. Appeal – Final Cut Pro X is quite fashionable and you will be impressed by the way it looks. This is one great attribute that you cannot go without noticing. Often, it is imagined that a great designs do not relate to functionality but contrary to this, the application from Apple is quite great in terms of functionality.
  2. Versatility – the wide range of tools that come with this application ensure that you are well equipped to achieve anything you wish to achieve in the editing process.
  3. Centralized applications – importing and capturing of media elements has been put at a central location from where you can retrieve details from your memory card, network locations, flash drive or DSLR cameras. If you have certain locations you access from time to time, you can also have them on the side bar and all this is to make things as easy for you as possible.
  4. Efficiency – this application has incorporated both GPU utilization and 64-bit architecture, which enhance the speed with which results are realized in the editing process.Final Cut Pro

Editing Tools

  1. a) New magnetic timeline – in the past, one would spend a lot of time trying to adjust various sequences since one could only move one clip at a time if something had to be added. The magnetic timeline saves you all the hassle by snapping the clips into place automatically.
  2. b) Compound clips – moving complex sequences required you to follow a procedure that had between 2 to 3 steps. Disruption in this case was imminent and it would be so difficult to get it back. To help counter this problem Final Cut Pro X has made it possible to create compound clips, which basically implies a single unit for every sequence.
  3. c) Precision editor – with this tool you can slide slips into each other even after dropping them into the timeline. This saves you a great deal of time that one used to spend in the long process of fine tuning previously.
  4. d) Content auto-analyzer – it accurately deciphers video clips, audio clips and the like regardless of the type of shot and the number of people. This tool sets your clips in readiness for the next process, which includes audio enhancement and color.
  5. e) Smart collections – the work that goes into editing a film or music video is quite a lot and you could easily spend a lot of time trying to get it right. However, with smart collections, this becomes a lot easier because your footage is sort automatically through metadata information and custom keyword.


The application has awesome tools that have redefined the way video editing is done and users have found an application that is both efficient in terms of saving time and producing great result.Unleash MacPro with Final Cut Pro


Final Cut Pro is only compatible with the Apple OS X system of operation therefore limited to those have access to this specific system.

This is definitely a great application apart from being specific regarding the system it is compatible with and in light of this, many are waiting in anticipation to see whether Apple will release one that is compatible with Windows. This will definitely benefit much more individuals and especially those that use Windows, who are actually the majority.

Wrap up

There are so many things out there and at different price points.  This is a wonderful program if you have an apple computer. It is also somewhat pricey.  If you are new to video marketing and editing I might suggest to try something a little easier and cheaper for your video editing needs.  Then if you need something more powerful you can give it a try.

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As always please share your stories, ask questions and let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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