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By | January 21, 2016

Adaxel rev shareI have decided to do a 30 day journey with Adaxel and in the process build a comprehensive guide.  I will share my overall thoughts, troubles as well as successes.  In the end I will show you everything I have done in the process.  Recently I had heard a lot about revshare advertising programs and found this one to be not too expensive to join, has hourly revshare, and you don’t need to surf ads every day.  That being said I have chosen to invest $100.00 to see how the revenue share advertising system works.  I will be making posts periodically on my progress. This is easy to do.  I just figured that I would give it a try before I gave it my blessing.  I don’t like suggesting things that I have not tested myself.  I have to say I wanted to write this article a while ago but got caught up with other things.


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What is Adaxel

Adaxel is one of a growing group of advertising revenue share programs out there.  So the next logical question is what is a revshare.  Well that is something that has many answers.  In this case it is a company that sells advertising slots and you get a share of the revenue that the company generated over a certain time period.

The advertising slots can be purchased in adpacks.  Each adpack costs a certain amount of money.  The lowest figure that you can purchase is a $5.00 adpack, with Adaxel.  With a $5.00 adpack you get 50 directory ad views, 500 text ad views, and 500 banner ad views.  That is not all.  You also get revenue sharing up to 145% for a $5 adpack.Mail Scams

Revenue sharing is calculated on an hourly basis.  They do have a 40% repurchase rule for the $5.00 adpacks.  This means that the money that is earned from the adpack, you can only withdrawl 60%.  The rest goes into a repurchase fund.

They also have adpacks for $10.00, $15.00, and $20.00.  Each adpack has its own cap on the return as well as how many directory, text ads, and banner ads you receive.  You must have 100 active adpacks in a category before you can purchase an adpack in another level.  So you need 100 of them in the $5.00 category before you can purchase any in the $10.00 category and 100 active in the $10.00 category before you can buy one in the $15.00 category.

I have a photo below of the breakdown for each of the categories to simplify the process.  It is also important to note that the %60 of the proceeds you earn from the adpacks, can be withdrawn as soon as it reaches $5.00.  If you post the proof of payment on social media, you will get an additional $3.00 into your account.revshare advertising Adaxel


My Plan

As I stated earlier I have chosen to invest $100 into the adpacks and see what kind of traffic it has.  I am not driving traffic to this site but instead to other offers that I think will suit the people that would see those offers.

I am also planning on not taking any money out of the system at first.  Instead I am reinvesting it into new adpacks and let it compound.  The purpose of this is twofold.  One it lets me get more ad placements without any additional expense.  Two it allows me to accrue more daily balance increases, thereby allowing me to have even more ads each day. The picture below is shortly after I bought a total of 20 adpacks.adaxelday1_1



The program does have some caps that you need to know about.  First of all, you can only withdraw money once a day.  You can only withdraw $100 a day.  This is one of the few programs that does not charge you for a deposit from PayPal into the account.  Most charge you a fee.  When withdrawing money, you do have to pay the PayPal fee.  This is not from Adaxel but from PayPal.


One Trick

There is one trick I learned when I first started using the system.  I thought okay I will get the $5 in the account and then just repurchase the new pack.  This is true but you need to know how to do it.  It took me a few days to figure it all out.  The first time I had to wait until my cash balance was $5.00 before I purchased another pack.  Then I found that you can go into the wallet and transfer money from your cash balance to you repurchase balance and buy the pack that way.adaxelday1_2

They don’t have a button to use both the repurchase balance and the cash balance to buy a new pack.  A little frustrating but it is manageable.  I will talk more about this in another post.


You of course can check out the overall system here for yourself or you can wait for me to complete my 30-day trial Adaxel trial run.  In the back of my mind it is really going to be a 90-day trail for reasons I will explain later.  There is not a membership fee if you choose to join, just buy an adpack and see what happens.  Of course the more you buy the quicker you will see results.


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Please let me know about your own personal experiences, comments, or any questions you have below.


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