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Bloggers Roadmap Review-Legit or Scam

Name: Bloggers Roadmap Website: Price: $11.97 for the book (changes) $97 for videos Owner(s): Daniel Sumner Overall Rank: 6/10 Bloggers Roadmap Overview Bloggers Roadmap is a guide for those who want to find more exposure on the internet. This exposure is in relation to an online presence since you may have a website that is struggling to have… Read More »

Comprehensive Guide to Adaxel Hourly Revshare

I have decided to do a 30 day journey with Adaxel and in the process build a comprehensive guide.  I will share my overall thoughts, troubles as well as successes.  In the end I will show you everything I have done in the process.  Recently I had heard a lot about revshare advertising programs and found this one… Read More »

Amazingly Easy Way to Make Money Online, Odesk /Upwork

Perhaps you might have heard that the mind is the greatest wealth you can have on earth. This is so true because, no one can ever take away the skills you have to handle specific tasks. It is even much better when you are good at what you do since you tend to leverage on this in every… Read More »

Big Spot Survey Scam- A Review

Name:  Big Spot Survey Website: Price: FREE Owner(s): Varsityplaza LLC Overall Rank: 0/10 Big Spot Survey, Overview This is an online survey company, or so the TV spot says.  Is Big Spot Survey a scam?  All you need to do is fill out some information so they can prove you are legit, and within minutes you will… Read More »

Best VPN in China- Vypr VPN Review

Vypr VPN Review Name:  Vypr VPN Website: Price: Starting at 6.99 per month for unlimited bandwidth Owner(s): Golden Frog Overall Rank: 7/10 VyprVPN, Overview As many of you know I am in and out of China all the time.  China has what is known as the “Great Firewall”.  Well besides the obvious pun, the name is used… Read More »

Best Free Photoshop Alternative for Mac

When you first are starting out sometimes getting that image looking just right can cost you a fortune, especially if you don’t have Adobe Photoshop.  I don’t use a Mac regularly so I had to borrow my wife’s Mac and do some research.  I recently wrote a write up on the best free alternative for Photoshop for Window. … Read More »

The Best Free Alternative to Photoshop

When you first are starting out sometimes getting that image looking just right can cost you a fortune, especially if you don’t have Adobe Photoshop.  I actually fell in love with one program in particular, more on that later.  I will be discussing several free alternatives to Photoshop for both PC and Mac.  But today’s post is specifically… Read More »

Angel Sponsoring Blueprint Review-Angel or Demon?

Name:  Angel Sponsoring Blueprint Website: Price: 19.75 Owner(s): Joe Baiden Overall Rank: 0/10     Angel Sponsoring Blueprint, Overview This program claims to be the only one you ever need and will allow you to make money online.  The intro video touts that you will not have to pay a recurring fee because you will be reimbursed… Read More »

Inspectlet Increase Conversion Rates

Name:  Inspectlet Website: Price: Options start Free Overall Rank: 8/10     Inspectlet, Overview This is a program that I found while reviewing one of my other programs on my recommended list.  It is a great way to increase conversion rates  How exactly can it help you and what is it?  Well it is an online program… Read More »