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Can I Create a Website for Free?

One of the most common questions I get is “Can I create a website for free?”  The simple answer is yes you can and it can get traffic.  How you ask?  Well the answer is actually quite simple.  There are all kinds of platforms and subdomains that will give you the option to build a website for free.… Read More »

What is Keyword Research in Website Design

When you first start a website you hear all this terminology about keyword research.  What is keyword research in website development and three mistakes to avoid?  When done properly it will drive all that traffic from Google and other search engines to your site for free. 1st Mistake in research When people first start out they do some… Read More »

A Six Month Blogging Journey

I have managed to continue writing and updating this blog on a regular basis.  Sometimes, especially recently, not as much as I would like to have it updated.  This site is now 6 months old and I would like to share a few things with all of you about getting traffic, writing a blog, and helping others. “You… Read More »

My Unexpected Journey- 5 Month Old Blog

I started this website almost 5 months ago.  I have had other websites that I still run as well.  This time I used a different method than I normally do in the past.  Other websites I have always had to push social media, paid advertising, and back link building techniques.  None of them have really helped with my… Read More »

Recent Change on Google Algorithm-The Phantom

Recently Google put out a change to their ranking system.  Many people were calling it “mobilegeddon” because it forced all websites to be mobile friendly.  Do you think Google would stop there?  Well you are right.  Google has done it again.  Not really that bad but it implemented a change to its algorithm so that it gave lower… Read More »