Can Dubli Really Save You Money?

By | September 4, 2016

Can Dubli Really Save You MoneyI ran across Dubli when I was doing some research on drop shipping.  Some people use merchants that are part of the Dubli network to save money on their program.  Since the people are making many purchases each month they are able to save large amounts of money from the program.    It is a cashback program that did not start out that way.  So before I discuss if I think Dubli is a scam or not I will get into a bit of its history and where it came from and what it is recommendations


When it started out, it began as a reverse auction platform where one could buy Dubli credits and use them to place bid. This approach has been used to a large extent by MLM organizations and it has helped them gain some substantial amount of income from time to time. Once you buy the credits, you can later on place the same for auction on items.

In what was later seen as a shift from what was the nature of business the focus turned to cashback deals.  This is a strategy used in the online shopping industry today. Basically, it is aimed at cutting down the cost of a specific shopper spends on a specific purchase by adopting what has come to be known as putting cash back in their pocket; cashback dubli a scam

As a client you will be able to access a toolbar that you download and search the internet on Google for what you need. The purpose of the toolbar is to help any shopper that decides to buy through this platform get to know how much cashback they will earn in turn. Among the retailers you are poised to earn cashback from when you use your account includes: Apple, Target, Sony, Best Buy, Walmart, and many others.

What are the Dubli Levels

They has three different levels that one can opt for and the amount of cashback to be earned will depend on the level that a specific client is subscribed to. These levels are as described below;

Free Membership – those who opt for this level will earn cashback by shopping travel and much does it cost

Premium Membership $4.95 per month – all that comes with the free membership level is included here in addition to more cashback fro clients.

VIP membership $99 per year – this is the premium membership level that avails clients all that is incorporated in the other two levels and they also get to earn a greater percentage in cashback. Over and above that, there are no restrictions on the items that can avail you cashback.


As with many other programs such as this, when you refer someone to Dubli, you can earn a commission. However, in the past there were many complaints about the site centered on the issue of failure to pay commissions earned by various individuals.  I am a free member and checking into those claims now.  I will update this post as time goes on.

They do not require recruiting.  Most other programs do not require recruitment either. It can be a big bonus to those who want to tray and make some extra money.  That being said I would not plan on a full time income from this, but instead maybe think of it as an extra cup of coffee, or two, each extra cup of coffee

Other Points

Amidst all that, Dubli has tried to set itself apart in the market in various ways as noted herein;

  • Once you join, you get access to lots of coupons and offers on shipping for free.
  • The platform is privacy protected, which has been possible by TRUST e-certificates.
  • There is a wide range of brand names to choose from originating from various corners of the world.
  • You get to earn some cashback with every purchase made online and with every travel booking.
  • If you become a VIP member, you will earn 6% in cashback, in addition to what you pocket as a free customer.

Other than just getting to know how much cashback you are set to earn once you purchase a specific item, the toolbar also help you track the purchases you made through the whole process. As one that is looking into making money online, you might want to go review Dubli carefully compared to other options available, after which you can go ahead and make your final decision.try it now

The point is don’t focus so much on the make money aspect of the program but instead on the money savings aspect (cashback).  As I said earlier, I found this program while I was doing research on drop shipping.  If you have, or are thinking about a drop shipping business this is a program you will want to join. Take a look at my top recommendations if you are really serious about making money online or at all of my recommendations.

If you have any questions comments or your own experiences with Dubli, please post a comment below!


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