Building Links Naturally is a Must

By | November 26, 2015

building links naturally is a mustIt is true that the internet is a powerful tool that you can use in business to realize great returns but you do not just go into it blindly without having a plan on how to go about it. Planning before you get into the actual business on an online platform is what helps you to determine what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it. When you are clear about this, you can go on to venture into online business with an assurance that you have what it takes to succeed in this.  Building links naturally is a must when you have an online recommendations

I mean naturally, you can easy go out and buy a bundle of links on Fiverr but they will be both poor quality and Google will penalize you.  Building links is one thing that you need to plan on. How to go about it is another, since the success of your online venture will be greatly dependent on it. This is what helps with rankings and thus more people will have access to your page.  These search engines can be tricky in what they look for and they can tell if links are un-natural.

You need to have the highest ranking possible for you page, for as many people as possible to view it at any one time whenever they search for pages related to your site. I never look past the second page, and rarely look past the first.  I am sure you are the same when you do searches.  So expect the same out of most people. Through building high quality backlinks naturally you can actually increase your search engine rankings. As we all know the higher the rankings the more people will come to your site.perfect keyword

The incorporation of quality and multiple links connected to your site is one thing that will increase the chances of having your site appearing on the first page. The first page is the Holy Grail of search engines.  You want, no you need, to be there.  This will increase your exposure and thus help your business grow. Without a doubt this is what you want to achieve but the question is how do you get to build your links naturally? This is what you need to do:


Use of Forum Links

Your approach in this case will be to use your author bio with a link connected to it for forums purposes. You can also opt to come up with articles which will be featured on article marketing networks.

Okay I kind of skimmed over that so let me explain a bit more.  You should look for forums in your niche and join them.  DO NOT SPAM YOUR LINK!  Okay sorry about that but it is very important.  Check the TOC for the forum and if they allow links in your bio.  Many of them do.  The first week do not complete your bio.  Just answer people’s questions and be helpful in your answers.Thought

Contribute to those forums and make sure you are active.  After a week or so add your link to your bio/signature then each time your answer someone you have a link.  Some of them are no follow links but the result will be more traffic as people view your helpful response and they want to read more from you so they go to your site.


Guest Posting

Another way to get great backlinks is find someone in your niche that does not exactly mirror yours and send them a message saying you would love to write an article as a guest blogger for them.  Pitch your idea in the email and see what they say.  Of course, ask for your backlink from them.  You will be surprised how often people will say yes as long as your post is helpful and well written.

Then bingo you have a natural backlink once you write the post for them.  It does need to be top-notch.  Also include good photos as well.  That way they can just skim it, copy and paste and they are done.  It makes their life easier and you get something as well.Build links naturally


Use of Social Links

It goes without saying that social media is part of us and am sure that you already caught the fever as one aspiring to go into online business. With this you can answer questions, post comments about a blog, answer questions and do some forum posting

Every post you make should be shared on multiple networks.  I try to share on a minimum of three networks each post.  I personally like StumbledUpon, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and even Pinterest.  There really are so many of them out there.  If you have an account with another social media platform, give a try and see what happens.  You can get many backlinks that can and will increase your traffic.

The best part is they are all natural!

building opt in email lists

Making Use of Link Exchanges

You need a sweet tongue on this one because you need to be convincing. Do not forget to be confident and sincere on this one too because it requires you to reach out to a website owner to have them link back to you site. What is in this for them is definitely a question you will need to answer and going by how best you can convince them, you can win them over to a mutual benefit.

Okay so the way this works is you, as I mentioned, send an email to the owner of a similar niche as yours.  Kind of like guest blogging, but instead of asking to be a guest blogger you ask them for a link exchange request.  You tell them the truth about your website and think that the match could be mutually beneficial.  You both give each other a link.

This means you link to their site and they link to your site.  This is mutually beneficial.  Don’t expect a high PR site to give you a link if your site is a low PR site.  So try to stick with link exchanges with sites that are about the same age as yours and that are growing.  As time goes you both increase your PR and increase your overall back link power.

free backlink with dmoz

Using Directories

Listing your site in these can be advantageous too. There are those that will require you pay some amount of money while others will offer you the service for free. You can have your site listed on directories that are based on a niche, general directories as well as local directories.

Try to pick directories that have high PR.  It is not hard to find directories.  You can try DMOZ, one of the best known directories.  Be for warned though it can take a long time for you to be listed on DMOZ.  That should not keep you from submitting it.  I have heard from people that it took them a year to be listed on DMOZ.  My point is submit the request and just wait for it to take effect.

Of the five social media links are the easiest way of getting your content shared and getting some backlinks naturally. This is not to suggest to you that there is anything wrong with the other options but it is to paint a picture of what is most preferred. There are several social media platforms you can opt for to do this including YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn, don’t limit yourself to those, use what you have, build new networks and get those links.

start an online businessIn the case of using content, you have options too which include videos such as Vimeo and YouTube, guest blogging and affiliate marketing. Any of this should help you to reach out to many more people since they actually make provision for inserting links.  I know I briefly mentioned it here, but don’t underestimate the power of video.  This type of content gets ranked quickly and very high if done properly.

The use of content also shows your competence in a particular field and this will afford you other backlinks through shares from the public in general. This emphasizes the point that creating links is at the core of online business and you need to incorporate this in your venture too.  Don’t rush it, it takes time.  That is okay you are building a business.

I have learned this and much, much more at my top recommendation, you can too.  You can see all of my recommendations here.  As always please leave any comments, questions, and your own experiences below.

12 thoughts on “Building Links Naturally is a Must

  1. Carolyn

    Very interesting post! Guest blogging, links exchange sound very promising and I might try these as soon as I can identify good prospects. Using directories sound a bit more complicated. I’ve never heard of that before but why not try it. Is DMOZ good fro any niche? I’ve try social media but I’m not really sure how much time it will take to really build an audience. Thanks for providing these advice.

    1. Marc Post author


      DMOZ is good for any niche. I am glad you found this article useful. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

      Social media does take time. In fact it all takes a bit of time. Just be patient and keep at it. Then one day you will look back and think, wow that wasnt bad and I am making some decent money.


  2. Stefan

    Hi Marc, really interesting article. At the moment I am focusing on content, but I believe I need to start work on my backlinks at some point. I particularly liked the guest posting. However, I find it hard to think on how to manage my time… because the time I am using for helping in these forums I could be writing content. So, for example, if content is more important, I would rather stick with it until I have loads of posts. what is your advice on that?

    Thanks for your help!


    1. Marc Post author

      Focus on your own content first. Build your following and as your writing becomes easier then start venturing into other sources of traffic. So the point being I would focus on content first, then later getting a few backlinks. If your content is good and you are sharing it on social networks it will be noticed and you will receive other backlinks naturally.
      Thank you for the question and the comment.

  3. Anthony

    Hello Marc,

    This subject is a controversial one typically due to the backlink spamming that was happening in years past. Now days it is hard to know what to do but you brought up a ton of awesome ways to generate links for yourself. I paid particular attention to the directories section because this isn’t something I have utilized for my own blog yet and I now know I need to do it. It always seems fairly easy so why not. Thanks for the help!


    1. Marc Post author


      Thank you for the comment and I am happy I could help you out. Yes backlink spamming was the way it used to be done. If you try backlink spamming now you will be penalized harshly by the search engines. The entire point is to make sure you just let it happen naturally. Dont force it and as your business grows so will your natural backlinks.


  4. Edmund

    Hi Marc,

    Thanks for sharing these places where we can get our backlinks naturally. Personally I am only using Social Media to update my new posts.

    I am particularly interested in DMOZ mentioned in your article. As you said, it could take up to a year to get listed, it may be too long to wait. Are there any other directories that you could recommend?

    Thanks for your advice.

    1. Marc Post author


      Thanks for the comment and the question. There are several websites directories that are out there. I would suggest doing an internet search. DMOZ is the biggest and probably the best. Others that I have used in the past are and

      Really you just want to do a search and make sure they have a good PR, if they have a PR of 0 you are just wasting your time.


  5. Kenny Lee

    Very informative sharing on building link. Definitely useful for newbie blogger like me. I will probably be trying out the few avenues that you mentioned. The guest posting, in my opinion, not only drive traffic but also establish our credibility in our own niche. I realised I have not fully maximised all these methods that can potentially draw more traffic to my site. Thank you.

    1. Marc Post author


      You are very welcome and thank you for you comment. I think many people miss ways to drive additional traffic to their sites. I am glad this was useful information for you. Please let me know if you need any help.


  6. Simon

    Marc, thanks for your detailed article regarding building links naturally, very informative.
    I always share the links to my published posts on Social Media and have found Google+ the most powerful for reaching first page search status, when someone types into Google your post title keywords.

    When I share other people’s posts, I tend to find there’s a few who share mine too. When this happens, I’m finding Google is sharing the shared links on the first page of search results when I type my post title into Google’s search bar.
    Powerful stuff. Is this the way Google is creating a sharable society?
    I have shared your post, hope this works for you too!

  7. Marc Post author


    Thanks for the comment and your insight.  It might be Google’s way of making a sharable society.  I really appreciate your comment.  Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.



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