Big Spot Survey Scam- A Review

By | November 1, 2015

Big Spot Survey ReviewName:  Big Spot Survey


Price: FREE

Owner(s): Varsityplaza LLC

Overall Rank: 0/10

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Big Spot Survey, Overview

This is an online survey company, or so the TV spot says.  Is Big Spot Survey a scam?  All you need to do is fill out some information so they can prove you are legit, and within minutes you will be making money for your opinion.  Well actually Big Spot does not pay you a cent.  They are a service finder.  What exactly does that mean?  It means you fill out your personal information.  Once you have done so you will be transported to another screen showing you survey companies you qualify for.  Each company will then send you survey request.flag-red-hi


The Good and the Bad


You can find hard to find survey companies that will pay you for your time to finish surveys.  That is of course if you qualify for the surveys.  I personally would rather stick with the bigger and better known survey companies if it was up to me.

So if everything is free to join, how do they make money?  The very simple thing is they send your information to the other companies.  Each person they refer they earn a certain amount.  But wait they just said that they would not send your information to anyone else.  Don’t forget that little clause at the end without your permission.Big Spot Survey Scam



You give them permission when you say you want more information from any of the companies. You can guess what that brings you; spam so much spam you will pull your hair out. This is a spam haven.  Yes I said it.  Each one of these sites as mentioned above will send you spam, call you and use your information that you gave Big Spot permission to share with them.  I have heard about people that felt harassed.

Guess what the more companies you let them sign you up for the more email you will be getting.  My suggestion is if you really want to try to use them, use a new email that you set up.  I tend to set up a “spam” email account.  When I sign up to something new that seems suspicious or that I have to review and I know I am going to get spam, I use that account.  I typically don’t open the account except when I need to verify the account for signup purposes.

customer service

Customer Support

They do have a form email.  You can send them your question and they will respond.  Although I am not sure what question you might have other than do they have surveys?  It appears they do not provide any surveys themselves, but instead send you to other companies.


Who is Big Spot For?

I really could not recommend it to anyone.

how much does it cost

Big Spot Price

This is good news, the price is free.  Free to have them give your contact information to other companies.


My Final Opinion of Big Spot

Well you probably guessed it by now, this is not a winning company.  I have already said that I would not recommend anyone even try it.  There are so many other survey companies out there if you want to make a few dollars online.

Scan Alert0/10 Scam

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2 thoughts on “Big Spot Survey Scam- A Review

  1. Steff

    Great review. I’ve heard about them and your right about the spam, its beyond ridiculous. Your recommendation for Wealthy Affiliate is spot on what a fantastic thing to be part of!

    Cheers Marc

    1. Marc Pintar Post author

      Thanks for the comment and I am sorry you have experienced the spam you will get with Big Spot.
      I am glad you have found Wealthy Affiliate useful. Best of luck to you and please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.


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