Angel Sponsoring Blueprint Review-Angel or Demon?

By | September 28, 2015

Angel Sponsoring BlueprintName:  Angel Sponsoring Blueprint


Price: 19.75

Owner(s): Joe Baiden

Overall Rank: 0/10



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Angel Sponsoring Blueprint, Overview

This program claims to be the only one you ever need and will allow you to make money online.  The intro video touts that you will not have to pay a recurring fee because you will be reimbursed every month.  It goes on to state that you will get that reimbursement no questions asked if you are selling or being sold to.  But is Angel Sponsoring blueprint a scam or is it legit?


The Good and the Bad


Taking a look at the sales page it is basically a video that is very well done.  By well done I mean it is professional in its presentation.  It is made out to look like a real news cast.  I am guessing that it is just a well done video to entice you to split with your money.

Angel Sponsoring Blueprint Scam


There are red flags all over this program.  First off the sales page is a video only.  The video is very vague on what the program is.  I watched it more than one time to try and figure out exactly, other than an eBook,, what this system is and how it works.  It appears to be an eBook only.  It doesn’t even get into what the eBook is about other than making money online.

When you do a google search you find many, and I mean many pages that all point to the sales page.  In my opinion, it looks as if they build a backlink wheel.  A backlink wheel is a group of sites that all point to one site or to each other to build backlinks.  This is an outdated SEO trick that Google will penalize you for in the long run.  It is a newer program right now so it might not have been hit yet.  Using outdated methods like this also make me question the integrity of the company.

Angel Sponsoring Blueprint ReviewContact the company.  Well they do have an email listed for support, more about that later.  They have limited information about themselves and what the product actually is.

They talk about how the charge is a one time fee of $19.97 but then they also talk about your monthly authorship will be reimbursed.  So which is it a one time fee or a monthly program.  Wait again I thought this was an eBook.  Why would their be a monthly fee for an eBook? Furthermore, when they say “even if you are being sold to or you are selling”.  Wait does that mean that I just paid you so you can spam me with other offers?

customer service

Customer Support

Well as I stated they do have a customer support email.  I sent them an email to clarify more information on what the product is over 72 hours ago.  I have not received a reply.  You would think they would tell me more about the product if I am inquiring about it.  What kind of support will I get if I have already paid you.


Who is Angel Sponsoring Blueprint For?

I did not actually purchase this system and could not recommend people to try it.  They tout it for beginners and the price point shows just that.  But what value they provide is hard to know.  There were just too many red flags on this one for me to even give it a venture.

how much does it cost

Angel Sponsoring Blueprint Price

The price is $19.75, there is some confusion though if there is a monthly charge or not.  Then again it is an eBook so one would assume there are not any monthly charges.


My Final Opinion of Angel Sponsoring Blueprint

Run, don’t walk for the hills.  This one is just not one I even wanted to give a try for.  It just rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning.  Being vague about what the product is and even about the way the price or  payments work has me very worried to even give it a try.  If you want to try please feel free to do so.  You can try it here and let me know what you thought about it.

Scan Alert0/10 Scam

There are so many good products out there, unfortunately you need to walk through a virtual minefield to find them.  So what can you do.  Well here are some products that I recommend to get started.  You can also check out my top recommendation on how I became successful online.

If you have any of your own personal experience, comments or questions; please leave them below.


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12 thoughts on “Angel Sponsoring Blueprint Review-Angel or Demon?

  1. John Rico

    It is really frustrating if a company or product has no good customer support. I think it is the best factor that is needed to be given attention by online program gurus since people that want to join the program have so many questions in their mind. Like for me, I always ask questions about a certain program before I join in it. And it is frustrating if I don’t get fast answers. Do you still recommend angel sponsoring blueprint for beginners?

    1. Marc Post author


      The first thing I do is send a potential company an email before I even review it. This is the beginning of my review. You are correct that customer support is very important. That is why I do this.

      I cannot recommend it for beginners, infact I have a hard time recommending it to anyone.

      Thank you for your comment.


  2. David

    I’m with you, it probably is a scam, although you really don’t really have much information to go on.
    On the positive side, it says it is marketed through Clickbank. I went out to the Clickbank marketplace and verified that. (I could become an affiliate and earn $12.95 per sale.) Clickbank is great about their 60 Day money back guarantee; they refund your money directly and deduct it from that merchant’s account.

    1. Marc Post author


      That is exactly my point. It is very difficult to tell what they are selling. I have a hard time giving someone money for something if I dont know what it is other than a promise.


  3. Julie

    It’s true that despite of the fact that it provides some amazing features for your business website, it contains a lot of questionable things that made it a bit unattractive for me. I know SEO too well, and this is something that has really spammed it, and replies for simple e-mail inquiry takes too long on their end. This really is something that I will never prefer to get for my site!

    1. Marc Post author

      Yes the program really is just not what I would choose chose to use for myself either. Thank you for the comment and your opinion on Angel Sponsoring Blueprint.

      Pease let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.


  4. Sonia

    Hi Marc,

    First off, when I saw the overall ranking of zero, the first thought that came to mind was that Angel sponsoring blueprint must be a scam!

    And as I continue reading, It became apparent to me that that Angel sponsoring blueprint is a scam!

    What are they selling? I guess this is a sale tactic used by some marketers, to be as vague as possible. Therefore, some people will be intrigued and to get clearer picture will buy the product to find out what it is, an ebook, email list of some sort, etc… Not a very good marketing strategy for the long run, especially if you are trying to build an online business.

    Have you heard back from their customer service?

    Thanks for sharing,


    1. Marc Post author


      Thank you for the comment and the questions. To date I have not heard back from the customer service. There was one of my other companies that I sent a request to that never answered my question but instead added me to their email list and started spamming me. I laughed at that one.


  5. Juan

    We need more people like you providing us with information about these kind of sites that are trying to take advantage of people who are not well informed. We, the consumers, must be informed about what we purchase, that way we can make the most informative decision.

    I will definitely stay away from Angel Sponsoring. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Marc Post author


      The internet is full of scammers and I just dont like being taken advantage of. Thank you for your comment. Let me know if I can help you any further.


  6. Jagi

    Good thorough review. There are so many out there like this.With the professional video presentation they make it sound so good. I always read reviews before I buy anything online.

    Hopefully by making others aware of scams, these type of things will one day be eradicated, but unfortunately I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

    1. Marc Post author


      I hear you. It would be nice if they went away, but I dont see that happening. For everyone of them that close, 2-3 more pop up. It really is sad, but they are the ones that make it bad for the legitimate companies out there.

      Let me know if there is anything else I can help with!



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