Affiliate Business Gameplan Review- Scam or Legit

By | February 4, 2016

Affiliate Business Gameplan ScamName: Affiliate Business Gameplan


Price: $37

Owner(s): Kenny Lee

Overall Rank: 2/10

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Affiliate Business Gameplan Review

The claim is that this is a course that guides you step-by-step to help you start an Affiliate Marketing Business of your own rather than depend on those that are already established. The idea behind it is to help individuals achieve financial independence, which comes loaded with several other benefits as the information given on the website highlighted above indicates.

The owner also claims that the details you will find in the course are based on the experiences they have had as they pursued financial freedom and their expectation is that this information will help those who want to venture into Affiliate Marketing begin their own businesses. The indication is that with this course, even beginners who have no prior knowledge of affiliate marketing will be able to get adequate information that will help them achieve financial freedom.

Affiliate Business Gameplan LegitThe Good and the Bad


  • Rather than focusing on various sources as you seek audience, the course directs you to focus on Facebook and this is expected to help you be more specific on those you are targeting.


  • It claims that you can create an auto-responder for your mails that will free you from doing all the work that you should be doing. Basically, this is not possible. You can hardly achieve success in online businesses without putting in some effort.
  • There are claims that you can learn how to convert visitors to your site into leads that will be available to make purchases from you any time. Hardly will you find every potential client or visitors to your site making purchases. Some will make a buy and some will not. This is not true.Affiliate Business Gameplan Review
  • Claims to trace products that will always convert to sales through the help of this course have been made. Again, I find this hard to believe. Even the best of products may not necessarily be appealing to all in such a way that it sells. The tastes and preferences of individuals are different.

customer service

Customer Support

While I was researching the program I could not find anywhere I could actually send them an email for questions. This makes me think about what customer service will be like if I purchased the product.  I you can’t inquire about the product before purchasing, when they should be more attentive, what will the customer service be like when you do make a purchase.


Who is Affiliate Business Gameplan For?

For a course that claims of how it can help you succeed in your plans to venture into affiliate marketing without any beneficial details, this raises a red flag for me and makes it hard for me to suggest the program to anyone. It is not for those who are already enlightened on what affiliate marketing should be and what to expect from it.

how much does it cost

Affiliate Business Gameplan Price

If you need this course, you will invest $37 into it which is a high price to pay, in my opinion for this product. Such monies can help you achieve more than just a better program to guide you in affiliate marketing but also leave you money that can be invested elsewhere.


My Final Opinion of Affiliate Business Gameplan

This is not one of the systems that I can recommend and you should avoid by all means. If you still want to try, then you can do so you can try Affiliate Business Gameplan here. The benefits are touted without any real explanation of the product itself.  My overall score is:

Scan AlertScam 2/10try it now

If you are serious about making money online, you can do so the same way I learned.  It does take time and effort to build an online business.  You also need support, please look at my top recommendation here.  It takes more than one tool to succeed online so you can look at all of my recommendations that have helped me.

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