Adaxel-Revisited after 30 days

By | March 15, 2016

Adaxel Review is it LegitWell sorry it has been so long since I posted about Adaxel and my progress.  Many things have happened, all of this while I was writing my 30 day status, to say the least.  First of all it is still a very viable program from what I can see, although the earnings are not what they were.  The rev-share industry was dealt a blow over the past month. I will explain all of this and more below.

First off, let us start with what has happened to the rev-share industry.  PayPal has chosen not to work with the revshare industry.  You think okay no big deal.  Well here is how it affects the industry.  Most people use to use  PayPal.  Now they recommendations


Okay, but that is not the worst of it.  When a company cannot use Paypal anymore, their funds are frozen for 180 days.  The funds will be released but 6 months later.  Now the revshare industry is not the only place this has happened.  Below you can see other places this has happened.

So there are other wallets you can use with revshares, I personally like Solid Trust Pay.  They are free to join and it just takes a minute to sign up.  I would suggest getting a free account with them if you are thinking about joining any revshare program.

Well you can guess what freezing the largest section of assets for 180 days does to most companies.  It really hurts earnings.  Adaxel looks like it will make it through , but the earnings are substantially slower.  They are still earning about 1% per day, but that is nowhere near the 4% it was earning.  They have given an alternative for paying to other processors but you need to pay $10 a month to do much does it cost

I have chosen to just keep reinvesting into Adaxel and not take any funds right now.  One the 180 days is up the funds will be released into the community and the earnings should jump substantially again.  By reinvesting into it, when the funds are released and the daily earnings increase I will have a lot of shares earning.  I look at it as a forced savings.

Another change, that I dont like is they are now requiring surfing to get your daily earnings.  While most sites ask you to surf 5-10 sites a day, Adaxel is requiring 20.  I am not a fan of this, especially because not having to surf was one of the reasons I chose to use the program.  But really it doesnt take that much time, but it is more a matter of principal.

Okay I didnt want to post about my 30 day point until I figured out what was happening.  Now that the dust is settling I can get a better picture.  Here are my earnings and how things were progressing up to that point.

adaxel 30 days

and this is what it looks like today:


As you can see it is growing, but not at the same rate as it was almost one month ago.  During my adventure with Revshares I have found many good ones.  I have also found one of the best places to learn about revshares and it is absolutely free.  You can find out how to build a revshare business through Revshare Lifestyle.  They really do teach you all you need to know and what ones are the best to use.  You can check them out here.


As always please feel free to comment on your own experiences, questions, or comments.  I love hearing from you.

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