30 Day Autoresponder Series Review- Scam or Not

By | August 25, 2015

30 day autoresponder reviewName:  30 Day Autoresponder Series

Website: www.mrcomputerscience.com

Price: $10.00, $11.00 (upsell 1), $27.00 (upsell 2)

Owner(s): Mike DeVincent

Overall Rank: 7/10


my recommendations30 Day Autoresponder Series, Overview

This is one of those programs for the person who just doesn’t know where to start with writing emails to their list they have built.  This is not an uncommon issue and many of new internet marketers fail at connecting with their readers.  I have to say I really wanted to hate this, I thought when I bought the product that I would review it and then ask for a refund.  Well here is what happened when I bought the 30 day Autoresponder Series for the traffic niche.


The Good and the Bad


First there are many free gifts listed on the product page.  Normally these are trash items.  I was pleased to find a video course on making a squeeze page.  It was well presented and he gave you all the tips, tricks, and even the source code on how to build it all for free.  That is correct I just said build squeeze pages for free, without the use of optimize press or any of that.  My immediate response as many other’s thought would be: Okay but how does it convert?    The very next thing he does is show you the conversion rates he is getting on the squeeze pages.  It is simply amazing.  Now I know that these can be forged but listening to this guy you really want to believe him.30 day autoresponder scam

He doesn’t just tell you about something.  He actually shows you how to do it.  There are many downloads available inside that allow you to quickly learn how to not only make great squeeze pages but how to write your own highly converting emails to put into your autoresponder easily.  I have always said you really need to connect with your reader.  Without this connection you will not do well in internet marketing.  He walks you through the steps on how to connect with your reader.

I was blown away by the amount of great information inside this program.  Here I was just looking to review a product and thought it would be a waste of money, but on the contrary, I kept finding more and more little nuggets of information.  So much information that every time I started writing this post I got distracted and found myself pouring over the other things he had in there.reviewing content

Okay let’s get to the meat and potatoes of the program.  The idea is that you get a series of 30 days of autoresponder emails that you just need to put your links in and place them in your autoresponder and you are done.  My initial thought again was okay this is going to be generic crap.  Again I was happily proven wrong.  They are very well done and easy to follow.  They use the proper amount of humor and give great information away while integrating sales techniques that make you feel like you’re not being sold.

As I am writing this I am still stunned at my overall reaction of the product.  I have to say that Mike DeVincent delivers on his promise and more.  I have to say I cannot believe that I am writing this review with this kind of tone.



Well for the bad, there are upsells.  The first upsell is for an additional 60 days of emails written by him for an additional $11.00.  The second upsell, which costs $27, you get 10 white label books.  Each book is about 10,000 words and 250 articles that are about 500 words each that correspond to each of the books.  I did not purchase those either.30 day Autoresponder legit

I think I mentioned part of this, but there is a ton of information he gives you.  Furthermore, by making a purchase from him you are allowing him to send you additional emails.  This is a common practice, but that does not mean I have to like it.


customer serviceCustomer Support

There is a contact form that you can fill out for customer support.  I received a response within 24 hours and it was from Mike DeVincent himself.  There are not any forums or a community that you can discuss with others on, but with a quick response time I am happy with the support you get for this product.


Who is 30 Day Autoresponder Series For?

This product is for anyone who is starting an email list or who has one and doesn’t know what to do with it.  It will teach you how to write proper copy as well as squeeze pages.


how much does it cost30 Day Autoresponder Series Price

The base price is $10.00, but be aware there are two upsells that cost $11 and $26.


My Final Opinion of 30 Day Autoresponder Series

The entry price is targeted at the beginner, besides that I don’t like the fact that there are upsells.  Once I get past those two issues, I felt that the 30 Day Autoresponder Series was a great product; especially after you consider the added materials that you are given.  I really wanted to hate this guy, but in the end I really liked him, even to spite myself.  It was really an odd feeling.  In my opinion this is a great tool to be able to use even if you are seasoned or new to internet marketing.

Not a Scam7/10 Legit

You can give it a try here for just $10.  As I stated this is just one tool that you can use to become a successful internet marketer and create an online business.  You can read my top recommendation here or read an overview of all my real recommendations here.

If you have any of your own personal experience, comments or questions; please leave them below.


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10 thoughts on “30 Day Autoresponder Series Review- Scam or Not

  1. Angel

    Dear Marc,

    This was a most fascinating read. I never heard of such a thing like this ever existed. I mean yes an E-mail Autoresponder sure, but for it to be so low priced, it is unheard of. Whenever I thought of a product or program having Upsells, I am quick to jump ship in saying, oh great here we go again, probably a scam over again.
    Yet, I was proven wrong with your Review to think likewise in the opposite way just as much as you were when you had tried the product. 🙂 Thanks for teaching me something new. Perhaps one day I shall look more intently at this Product and see if the results do truly speak for themselves. 🙂

    Wishing you all the best with your online quests above and beyond the horizon,


    1. Marc Pintar Post author


      Thanks for the comment. To make sure you understood, this is not an e-mail autoresponder but the emails to plug into the autoresponder. It gives you a series of 30 emails to put into your autoresponder. But the real value is how to make a squeeze page free.

      Thank you once again for your comment.


  2. Jessica

    Hello Marc,

    I am not totally sure exactly what this product is for, but I do like to hear that it is one that can be trusted. There are so many scams out there that it is refreshing to see someone actually trying to help others even if there is upsells to it. Do you feel that there is enough material with this program to “train” someone how to use it or is something you already need and are just looking for a spot to improve what you have? Thanks!

    1. Marc Pintar Post author


      Thank you for the comment and the question. I am sorry I was not clear enough for you as to what the product is for, let me explain. If you are starting to build an email list for email marketing and you just dont know what to do or how to write the emails for your autoresponder, this product both teaches you to write the emails as well as gives you 30 different emails for the traffic niche.

      With the free bonus offers that you get it teaches you other steps in email marketing, but not the entire picture. It is just one tool to be able to help you with your email marketing skills. You will need other tools to become successful such as those in my recommendations page.

      I hope that answered your question. If you have any further questions please let me know.



  3. Paul

    Thanks for the review Marc. This is actually a product I might consider purchasing as I am a complete beginner when it comes to email/list marketing. I’ve looked into it before and I understand the theory behind it but haven’t figured out how to put it into practice. A product like this would really help get me off on the right foot.

    1. Marc Pintar Post author


      I am glad you found the review helpful. While the product is for a 30 day series on “building traffic” in my mind he really nails it when it comes to building easy landing pages for free and teaches you how to build excellent response series for yourself in any niche. I believe I said this once already but I really did want to hate the product but was pleasantly surprised.

      Let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.


  4. adam

    Hi there,
    I’m fairly new to internet marketing so a still learning about all the different aspects to it. I now creating an email list is good, as you get to market products to everyone in your list with one email, instead of relying on people find your products through the search engines. you mentioned that it will help you create a proper copy and squeeze pages. What is a copy and squeeze page? Don’t mean to ask a silly question but I’ve heard of them before but not really sure what they are.

    1. Marc Post author


      Thanks for your comment and your questions.

      Your sales script is known as your copy. It really is as simple as that. Some people prefer to make a long sales script and others prefer to make it short and sweet. No matter if it is long or short it is considered to be “copy”.

      A squeeze page is a simple page on your website that you drive people too in order to do one thing, and that it to collect an email address.

      Please let me know if you have any more questions.


  5. Owain

    One of my next stages after building my site is to have an autoresponder, but where to start? For $10 I could try it but by your tone I don’t think I would bother. In your post did you say you could show us how to write emails? I am very interested in doing this and make a good impression with my first email. Any guidance would be very appreciated.

    1. Marc Post author

      I am working on a post in the near future about that exact topic. I want to give everyone some hints on how to set up your autoresponders and what to say in the emails.



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