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By | June 30, 2015

PTRRichgoPTR ReviewName:  RichgoPTR


Price: Free for basic member, paid members $166

Owner(s): Enom, Inc

Overall Rank: 1/10

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RichgoPTR, Overview

This is yet another one of the highest paying PTR sites from Enom.  My last review on PTRs was for  There is a free membership which I love to have.  It lets you test drive the product.  What happens is this, you click on banner ads and emails and you get paid from $50 to $150 per PTC/PTR and emails, if you stay on the site for 30 seconds. Sounds great, too good to be true?


The Good and the Bad


The site does have a free members area, however just like Enom, Inc’s other products they require you to wait for payment 30 to 90 days or a “reasonable time” after that.  During the entire time your account must be active.

I know what you are thinking.  Okay so what there is a $10,000 minimum payment threshold?  You can build your account to that in about 5 weeks.  I can just keep doing it and eventually it will be like an annuity.  The other option is to pay the $166 for a premium member and then you will be able to get payment immediately.RichgoPTR Review



It would be great if it all worked that way.  The reality is that you won’t get paid.  Please define “reasonable time”.  To me 30 to 90 days is plenty of time to process a payment, why would a company need more time?  Also once you request payment you will be asked to send them an additional $200 to process, even if you are a premium member.  Wait, you have how much money that you claim is mine and you can’t take it off of that amount?  Does this all sound too familiar to my last review of an Enom company.

Well is it really a surprise that the customer service is virtually non-existent?  It shouldn’t be a surprise at all.  The website will show you proof of payments, they will ask you to pay for referrals that will allow you to make more money faster.  This is all part of getting you to part with your cash.

Don’t be fooled by the money back guarantee.  Also don’t feel safe because you are using PayPal.  This is a digital product and all they need to say is that the product was delivered.  You received a higher pay rate, however fake it is, and your referrals to help you increase your pay.  They can show PayPal that and you still won’t get your money back.


customer serviceCustomer Support

They have customer support, or supposedly do, but getting a hold of them is just about impossible.  You need to jump through hoops, unless of course you want to give them money then they are responsive.


Who is RichgoPTR For?

I cannot recommend this product to anyone, it is a scam. There really is no other way to put it.  You can try if you want but I would suggest doing something more productive with your time.


how much does it costRichgoPTR Price

There is a free membership as well as a paid membership.  The free membership is always free it never expires.  The paid membership is supposed to be a onetime fee off $166, for a lifetime.  Remember there are other fees and such that could be associated if you chose.


My Final Opinion of RichgoPTR

This is yet another scam to try to get you to open your wallet and pay them money.  You can still try it here if you want, but please don’t pay them any money until you get paid.  This is a product I definitely do not believe in at all.  There are many more of them out there.  I have noticed a few of them have closed shop.  I will continue to do reviews on the ones I find to make sure you don’t fall victim to the scam.

Scan AlertScam 1/10

Making money online is easy, really it is not hard, but it does take time and consistency.  Being dedicated is only part of it you also need the support of others.  I am guessing you found this page because you are looking to make money online.  Please see my top recommendation on how I really turned the corner and made real money online.

If you have any of your own personal experience, comments or questions; please leave them below.

18 thoughts on “RichgoPTR Review-Make Money Online Easy?

  1. Marilyn

    My goodness! It’s just as well there is someone like you out there reviewing these companies.

    I find it really scary that I could so easily be drawn to such a program and find nothing there in the end. What’s even more scary is the fact that I’ve been there and done that! 🙁

    I really don’t think there is any “easy” way to create an income on line… it’s the “hard yards” or none at all.

    Thanks for bringing this company to my attention though.

    1. Marc


      I guess that depends on what you define as easy. If you are looking for a push button system to get rich, I think you would have a better shot at winning the lottery. But making money online is not hard. Does it take work? YES and lots of it. The bonus is once the work is done it takes very little effort to maintain those numbers. So I still think it is easy. You just need to be patient and not fall for those get rich quick schemes. I have said it before nothing good happens fast in business. Well almost nothing good. Only bad things happen fast. You might find an quick solution but it normally is not a long term strategy.

      Thank you for your comment and please let me know if I can help you in anyway.


  2. Marc Parsons

    Hey Marc
    Awesome review.
    I don’t usually pull out the scam word, but with the information you have provided RichgoPTR definitely seems as though it falls into that category.

    before I have a look at the review, what makes your number one recommended any different to these kinds of scams?

    1. Marc

      I don’t like outright saying something is a scam. Most of the time you will see me say scam alert. But in this case it was appropriate.

      Wealthy Affiliates is a program that you have all the training available you could need. If you have any questions the active community is always willing to help. You can speak directly with the owners and many times can even see them in the live chat. There are no false promises. They teach you how to make an authority site. You will not get rich overnight, you will not use any black hat methods, only white hat methods. Many times when you see a program they will tell you ways to manipulate algorithms and such to achieve rankings. WA never does that.

      Why take my word for it see what others have to say about it. It does take time but if you follow the system it will work. See what this person said or this one. These types of stories are so easy to find. But really you should give a try for free.


  3. TheDopestMatrix

    LOL, I see you rated the site 1/10. Go figure I’ve never even heard of the site! Have you ever used it for yourself- what I mean did you ever make money using it? I’m guessing not, becuase you’re pretty clear that it’s a scam! I’m glad you found Wealthy affiliate though, I bet it will change the game for you forever!

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    1. Marc Pintar Post author

      I have used the site in the past, but I have never made any money on it. The reason is they will not pay. There are several complaints about them not paying, but you have to look for them. I am just trying to help people not waste their time and earn real money.


  4. Jess

    Thank you for this honest review! The fact that you do not get paid for 30-90 days, or even better yet a “reasonable” time, now that’s some mighty loose wording. It blows my mind that anyone would want to send their hard earned money to thieves like this! Thank you for exposing yet another scam, RichgoPTR.

    1. Marc Pintar Post author


      Thank you for your reply. Yes it is an easy thing to get caught up into. I can see how people would send the money to them. They are desperate people saying wait I have $xx,xxx I can get very soon if I send them money now or I can wait the 30-90 days or a reasonable time to get the money. That is the hook. In today’s society people want everything now. So they send the money to them. I have yet to hear of anyone getting paid but, then again maybe someone has.

      Thanks again for the reply.


  5. Lynne

    Another seriously messed up “opportunity”! I really appreciate you sharing these scams so I don’t waste my time or money with them.
    The other thing I noticed is that they pay for ads to be clicked on which I consider a very dishonest way to go about earning money. I also can’t believe that anyone will be paid $50 – $150 per PTC or PTR, anyone with a right mind can see this is not real. And make $10 000 in 5 weeks? Impossible. Not with something like this.

    Do you have any suggestions for real ways to earn money online in an honest way?

    1. Marc Pintar Post author

      Thank you for the comment Lynne. I agree easy to see that there is no way anyone would pay $50 to $150 per PTC or PTR. That should be the first clue. RichgoPTR is just another one of those companies that is trying to take advantage of people who think they won the lottery. Then the allure of seeing the money in the account can cause people to believe it is real. Finally they say to themselves, hey why not send them a little cash and get that money today. It plays on your emotions.

      There are a couple of great opportunities that I have found I like Affilorama, Clickbank University, and my number one recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. Follow the links to read what I said on each of them, some even have a free members area to get started.

      Thank you ,


  6. rufat

    Great exposure Marc! You really explained very well how we should treat this “amazing” program. Based on my experience in internet marketing I can spot scams a mile off and RichgoPTR definitely smells like a scam. Getting paid from $50 to $150 per PTC/PTR and emails is so ridiculous that I’m really not sure what to tell. Their money back guarantee doesn’t sound reasonable at all. It looks more like a money take guarantee than money back guarantee. And a kind of support they provide shouldn’t be a surprise keeping in mind how great the overall quality of their product is. Great review and nice exposure of another fantastic product.

    1. Marc Pintar Post author


      Thank you for the compliment. Unfortunately many people fall for these types of scams all the time. I just hope if I can keep at least one person falling for them. That will make me happy. Of course the more the better. There are some really good programs out there, this is just not one of them.


  7. Chris

    Well I must say that the length of payment processing time seems completely unreasonable – who in their right mind would sign up for that?
    It seems to me as if it’s a secret ploy to get you sign up for the premium account – a cheap marketing trick at best. Thanks for reviewing this so well – and warning us

    1. Marc Pintar Post author


      Thank you for visiting me once again. Yes this is just not a good program overall. Too many people are lured by the thought of easy money. It is not difficult to make money online but it does take some work to lay the foundation. After that it takes very little effort to continue to make money online.

      Thank you for your comment.


  8. Ehab

    Hi Marc
    Thank you for your honest and great effort in exploring such a scam site and alarming guys not to be fallen into such a tricky sites.
    Believing that you can make money easily is the first step to falling in troubles, we have to learn that every profitable business needs hard working hours and great efforts. There nothing that comes so easily.
    Keep up the good works, best of luck.

    1. Marc Post author


      Thank you for your comment. I think in todays age people thing they can build a business online with very little effort. Actually it takes work, but it has the lowest barrier to entry. The actual start up cost is very minimal.

      Best of luck to you,


  9. Praveendath

    Hi, my name Praveen, im from India, and many times i attempt PTC and PTR with GPT sites, but still i not happy with those sites, and i would like to do part time job, and i have knowledge MS-office with internet
    and Regarding Affiliates program i don’t have that much knowledge in this regard can any one can help me regarding some Home base job at-least i can earn minimum $20 Dollar per-day

    Email :

    1. Marc Post author

      There are a few things that you can do to start earning some money. One would be a Virtual Assistant. It appears you have the skills you need to do that. PTC and PTR sites are not going to get you there. You can start learning about affiliate marketing through my top recommendation. You can even do some user testing although that is more spotty than consistent. I personally like affiliate marketing. Really it is up to you, but there are some ideas for you.


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