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Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Sale

Okay we all hear about the great deals this weekend, Black Friday.  Well as you also know my number one recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate has a great deal to rival those others you can find at the stores from November 27-30, 2015. The bonus of it all is that it is one that can actually teach… Read More »

Tips on How to Write for Blogs

Growing your online business will not just happen, which means that you need to put in some effort for this to be realized. On the same note, what you put in will determine the impact that this will have on your clients.  You really need to make sure you know how to write for your blogs.  By writing… Read More »

Spotting Internet Marketing Scams

Frauds as you know are so real in the world today and almost everywhere you turn there is the risk of running into it either directly or indirectly. I am also sure that you have heard institutions, organizations, and others that have gone down as a result of fraudulent affairs. Well, that serves to make you understand that… Read More »

How to Increase Targeted Traffic to a Website

Customers are an important ingredient in every business and they contribute to various factors that may affect your business in one way or another. One of the factors is success of the business as a whole which you want to realize at the end of the day. This you can achieve if the number of customers visiting your… Read More »

Can I Create a Website for Free?

One of the most common questions I get is “Can I create a website for free?”  The simple answer is yes you can and it can get traffic.  How you ask?  Well the answer is actually quite simple.  There are all kinds of platforms and subdomains that will give you the option to build a website for free.… Read More »